{Harry Potter Photo Shoot}

Warning! We are full blown Harry Potter nerds over here. Mason and I recently made DIY Harry Potter wands as a fun little Pinterest to Project that I will share soon. We ordered the robe from Amazon and I found the Gryffindor shirt at Target. You know we had to have a little photo shoot with everything put together!! Well, I did. I just told Mason to play and I'd snap photos! We had so much fun taking these. We went down to our little lake area to make it look like the forbidden forest.

Just ignore the uniform shorts and the Nikes. I knew that if I asked him to change into pants and different shoes that I could just kiss this idea goodbye! haha. You work with what you have...and quickly! When he agrees you GO! And we later found the little clasp that keeps the robe closed. Oops! But hey, I will take any chance I get to have a photo shoot with my sweetest boy.

I should also mention that he doesn't leave me much time to work on camera settings in between areas and photos. So I just have to snap fast and pray I get a couple good shots! Some of these are blurry, but that's okay. Mason asked me if I could add some smoke or fog coming out of the end of his wand. And of course I had to deliver for my sweet boy. He loves the way the pics came out!!

Now tell me, are you a Harry Potter fan? Do you prefer the books or the movies?

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