{Ranger Game // Opening Day 2018}

A few weeks ago we went to the Texas Ranger's opening day! We took Mason out of school for this since they're not recognizing this as a holiday yet. I mean, it totally should be. It is in our family, at least. So yeah, Mason got to miss school and hang out with his parents and a bunch of other adults all day.

We tailgate with a bunch of people from Nate's work starting at 9:30 am (game started at 2:35pm). It was a long day, but Mason hung in there like a champ.

We got into the stadium and grabbed Mason an ice cream right away. He had been waiting on the ice cream in a Texas Ranger helmet since the day he found out he was going to the game! The ice cream stand just happened to be right where we walked in and there was no line, so we took advantage.

We were a little early so we just hung out and watched the big screen. They announced that they were having Jr Texas Ranger sign-ups on the lower concourse and Mason got excited. He asked if he could join so he and I trekked through the stadium to find the sign-up booth! To our surprise, there weren't many in line. So, we paid our $25 and he got his backpack full of Texas Ranger gear! He was so excited to have a Jr VIP badge!

We lost, but the game was enjoyable. I loved getting to spend the day with my boys. And it was well worth a day of missed school according to Mason!

Until next year, Opening Day! I mean, we'll be at more games this year, I'm sure. But there's just nothing like opening day at the Ballpark.

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