{Pinterest to Project // vol. 2 // DIY Can Pumpkins}

I mentioned on my first Pinterest to Project post that I have way too many pins saved on Pinterest and never follow through with making any of them. I'm obsessed with Pinterest and always find the cutest things I want to make, but I just never follow through. Best intentions, I suppose. In efforts to change that I started a Pinterest to Project series here on the blog where I will share those pins that I turn into a reality!  My second project was these cute little tin can pumpkins!

I happened to run across this pin on the same day that I made two different batches of chicken salad. I had used several different cans for the recipes so I had plenty on hand. I thought why not make these? They're cute and would cost me almost nothing! I had most things on hand. Here is how I created my project:

Leftover cans from vegetables
Spray paint - had from the previous Pinterest to Project
Jack-o-lantern stickers - $2.99 at Hobby Lobby (40% off that week)
Burlap scraps
Popsicle sticks
Hot glue gun and glue sticks

My first steps were cleaning out the cans really well, removing the labels and spray painting the cans. I used the turquoise paint that I used on my DIY Fall Door Hanger. I was going to cut out the jack-o-lantern faces with my Cricut and vinyl until I ran across a package of stickers at Hobby Lobby. They were a no-brainer at only $1.50 and I figured 1.) they're already cut and would save me some time, and 2.) they were super cheap for 24 sticker pages. I'm sure Mason and I will find other uses for the remainder of the stickers! The only downside is that all of the faces are the exact same. I expected to have a variety of faces in the package. But again, I can't complain. They still came out cute!

I didn't have any wooden knobs on hand, so I searched my craft closet and found something I did have...popsicle sticks and scraps of burlap. All I did was form the burlap around half of a popsicle stick to make the shape of a pumpkin stem. I think they came out pretty good! And burlap is just more 'me' anyhow. I then glued my stems on and wrapped some raffia around them and voila! Done.

Have you made anything from Pinterest lately?

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