{Hello Monday // A weekend of rest}

Happy Monday friends! We had a very, very rare weekend for us. We stayed home for about 90% of the weekend. I know...that never happens for us. Ever. We usually always have plans. But, all of our plans we did have got postponed due to the rain. We were able to just stay home and rest. I mean, we still had a really productive weekend, but we also got to just be at home.

Friday I picked up my groceries (online ordering is the bomb diggit), Mason and I went to a thrift store to see if we could find any treasures, and then Mason and I took the Rubicon to get the tires balanced and rotated. While we waited on the Jeep I walked Mason next door to Dairy Queen for ice cream. Nate worked overtime on Friday so we all got home around the same time. I made supper and enjoyed a meal at home. If I'm being honest, I cannot remember the last time we ate a home cooked meal on a Friday. We are usually out and about and either eat out or grab fast food.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early at 7 am. I was cozy in bed so I just scrolled FB, IG, and Pinterest for an hour or so and then got out of bed. I looked outside to see how much rain we had gotten, which was quite a bit. I lit my favorite candle and settled on the couch with some coffee and my girl at my feet. It was so nice to just enjoy a clean and quiet house for a bit.

Nathan woke up about 45 minutes later and then Mason followed him about 20 minutes after that. I made cinnamon rolls for Mason and breakfast tacos for Nate and me. After breakfast, I washed all the dishes, did a couple loads of laundry, swept, mopped and cleaned a bit. Nate went to work outside in the garage while Mason played on his XBox. When I got to a good stopping point with my cleaning I started some crafting. I needed something else to put on my front door. I absolutely love my fall door hanger I made, but we have had some really high winds lately and that metal just beats against the class. I was worried that it was going to hit the glass just right and break it! So, I whipped up another burlap wreath.

I made another wreath, but I will share that later. While I was crafting I saw a notification that there was a new post on our church FB. I checked it and saw this.

This is literally like a mile from us. The water was flush with the street!! So wild! I knew it rained all night but didn't realize how much rain we actually got!!

We got a break in the rain so Mason and his friend went out to ride bikes and play in the puddles.

That last picture kills me! He looks like a teenager. Cute all the tears. And that's the jacket he found at the thrift shop that he just had to have! I washed it Friday night and he wore it all day Saturday. Wouldn't take it off. Goodness, he is adorable and precious and I love him so.

Sunday I woke up a little early to make pancakes for breakfast. Then it was time for Sunday School. And let me tell you, Sunday school has been so great lately. Last week we discussed gracious hospitality as a spiritual characteristic and this week was Intentional Love. My heart needed to hear both of these studies at just the right time. God always knows! After Sunday school Mason went to children's church and Nate went to big church while I served in the nursery. After church, we came home and I made lunch. After lunch I cleaned the kitchen and then Nate and I had planned on naps. I napped, but I think Nate got distracted by the football game he had on the tv. Mason is a no nap taking kid so he played on his XBox. After my short little nap I made some coffee and sat on the porch for a bit. It was only 70 degrees and felt glorious! That's a huge cool off for us Texans right now!!! Nate started a burn pile since it was wet enough for that.

The rest of the evening was supper and preparing for the next week! It was a great and relaxing weekend and I am sad to see it go.

How was your weekend?

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