{Five on Friday // Homecoming Week 2018}

Happy Friday! This week was homecoming week for our little town and in honor of that, the kids had a dress-up day every day. It was so fun to get out of uniforms for a week and do something different. These were our dress up days...

ONE | Gift Us a Win! 
Christmas in September. Wear an ugly Christmas sweater. Mason and I found this T-Rex sweatshirt on Amazon. It's not the cheesiest or ugliest, but it fits the bill for him. Good thing the weather is only calling for a high of 81 today. ha!

TWO | Jackets save the day!
Dress up as a superhero. Mason went as Spiderman! Like, a full on costume minus the mask. The mask bothered him and we didn't think it would be appropriate for school. We had some fun with the pictures for this dress up day. 

THREE | Lei out the Panthers! 
Dress Hawaiian! Once again we turned to our trusty Amazon for this one. I brought up all of the Hawaiian shirts in Mason's size and let him pick out which he liked best. He picked out this adorable Navy blue pineapple shirt

FOUR | Make the Panthers see double!
Find a partner and dress as twins! Mason partnered with his friend Matthew. These two met in first grade during boy scouts and have been in the same class since. Matthew visited Universal Studios over the summer and wanted to dress up as Harry Potter. Who are we to argue with that? I mean, how fun to get to wear a robe and carry a wand for a day?! 

FIVE | We can't hide our Jacket pride!  
Wear your best spirit wear. We just chose a spirit shirt and socks for this day. Some kids wear painted paints and overalls. We didn't go that extreme.

BONUS | Pajama Day!  
Awareness to raise money for childhood cancer. This was from last Friday, but I didn't want to leave it out. I have such a sweet story to share about this day. The school allowed the kids to wear pajamas for $1. All proceeds were going to help fight childhood cancer. They also encouraged the kids to bring $1 for Spirit Ribbons. The high school cheerleaders come over to our school and sell spirit ribbons in the morning. I gave Mason $2 that morning so that he could participate in both. Mason says, "Mama, can I please give both of the dollars to the childhood cancer organization instead of buying a spirit ribbon?" Oh, my sweet boy! Yes, yes of course. I love his kindness and his heart. 

Also, look at this amazing sunrise this morning!!

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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