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Happy Friday! This week seemed to fly by in a flash. And yes, I'm fully aware that by saying that this will be the longest Friday in the history of ever! haha! But, I hope not. I'm excited and ready to get this Friday started. Mason is spending the night at one of our Pastor's house with his friend so that means date night for Nathan and I. We haven't fully planned our evening, but we have planned our Saturday morning! We are going to get up early and try out a new and adorable coffee shop in town and then we will be heading to Dallas to the vinyl store. I have so many projects that I've started but need vinyl to complete them. I can't wait to share them all on here. Anyhow, here's a look at Five on Friday.

Sometimes I struggle to find five things to talk about on Fridays and then sometimes I have 10 or 11 things I could pick from. Feast or Famine!! This week was a feast type of week. We did a lot of little activities this week and we had such a good time. And you know I documented them all. But, I will save some of them for when I update our fall bucket list {which I will be sharing next week}.

ONE | Mason came home from school so excited to tell us that he tried milk chocolate and that he loved it! This is coming from my boy that has despised chocolate since he was a tot. His GT teacher gave them all a milk chocolate Hershey's bar and he said he didn't want to be rude so he tried it. And? He loved it. You know I had to go out and buy some because I had to see this!! He ate 3 more little bars that afternoon. This is a big deal and had to be documented!! I mean, who doesn't love chocolate?! Same with peanut butter for Mason. He's never liked it except for one whole day about two years ago. He ate ritz crackers and peanut butter all day for one day and then wakes up the next day and says that he thought about it and he doesn't like peanut butter anymore. I think it's more of a texture issue for him. Maybe we'll give peanut butter another try sometime?!

TWO | Mason has been wanting a magnifying glass for a while. He wanted to be able to explore things more than what he can see with his glasses. We were at the store buying the chocolate and found a magnifying glass for a buck, so we got it. On our way home it started pouring and he was excited to examine the raindrops with the magnifying glass! And then we took some silly pictures. I love these and can't stop giggling when I see them!!

THREE | My sweet pups! I had just finished decorating my porch {more on that soon} and let the dogs out to play. They were so cute and I had to take pictures! While these two drive me absolutely nuts sometimes, I couldn't love them more if I tried. I feel very blessed to be their furmama. 

FOUR | Mason and I had a really rough morning on Wednesday. It felt more like a Monday than a Wednesday and just nothing went right. We both woke up with sour attitudes that just collided and made things even worse. He didn't want to eat, get ready or go to school. And of course, I got frustrated and grumpy. Anyhow, we needed to spend some time together that afternoon. We were both in awesome moods when I picked him up. I finished working until 4:00 and then we went for snowcones. It's always a double treat because we get to visit with our sweet friends that own the place! We then came back and turned another Pinterest to Project. I will share what it is soon. 

FIVE | After our snowcone date and DIY project we went on the front porch and played with some Halloween digs from the Target Dollar spot. I love having these on hand to play with when a free afternoon arises. Mason used some of dad's tools because they were more fun! ha. He found a skull and a bat. Oh, and it was college shirt day at his school. He proudly wore his OU shirt. Boomer Sooner!

BONUS | We took a ride around our lake in the CJ this week! We like getting it out of our shop once or twice a week and going for a cruise. It's been cool in the mornings and the evenings this week, so it felt great to have the top off. Even though Mason is being silly in the picture I love that you can see our home and our other Jeep in the background. 

BONUS #2 | Panera Bread just gets me! We recently got one in our small town and I am loving it. Especially when they have cute little pumpkin cookies. I saved it for Mason as an after school snack...even though I wanted to eat it! ha.

Happy weekend friends! Hope it's a good one.

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