{Vacation Recap // New Orleans Day Two}

I'm back with the 2nd installment of our vacation recap! I am having to break it up by day because I took so many pictures! If you missed day one in New Orleans you can catch up here. Warning, another picture heavy post comin' at ya!

We decided to spend our 2nd day in New Orleans walking around the French Quarter and the Garden District. We didn't really have any set plans, just a few general things we hoped to see and do. We used Uber for the first time, ever. There were seven of us and we had two cars and the thought of having to find parking was daunting, so Uber it was. And it was perfect! She dropped us off right in the heart of the French Quarter, which was gorgeous. We didn't really know where we were, so we just started walking (and snapping photos).


We popped in and out of little shops soaking in all things Nola. Mason found some fun beads and a crazy mask which made him the ultimate tourist. I found a Nola shirt that I have been obsessed  in love with. It says "Joy of Life" but in french and has the cutest arrows on it.


We came out of one shop to find the YouTube famous Grandpa Elliot singing his heart out. We stopped and listened to him for a while and then let Mason give him some cash.

We then made our way over to Bourbon street since we were so close to it. I mean, you can't go to New Orleans and not see Bourbon Street. I don't have much to say about Bourbon street because we stayed approximately 2 minutes. But I will say this, as soon as we stepped foot onto Bourbon it got 50 shades dirtier. And I would be lying if I said I didn't pull Mason in closer to me. It reeked of urine and it was not the cleanest place. It was lined with mostly bars and just didn't feel like a safe place to drag Mason through. We snapped a couple of photos and then left to find some lunch.

I started following an Instagram account called Eating Nola before we left for our trip in hopes of finding some amazing places to eat in Nola. After seeing some photos on this IG account we really wanted to try The Company Burger.

But sadly it was no where near us at that time. We were close to Gumbo Shop, though! It had been recommended to us by a friend and also kept popping up any time we searched where to eat in Nola. So we decided on that! It was amazing. Since I am not much of a seafood fan I played it safe and got the sausage red beans and rice. Oh my word, so delicious. It was a tad too crowded in there, but I think that's every where in the French Quarter. I can't believe I don't have any pictures of our meals.

Shortly after lunch (as in they basically had to run) Ty and Michelle wanted to do a Graveyard tour. They raced to make it on time and we trailed shortly behind. We just hung out and waited while they did the tour. It eventually started raining, so we camped out under some trees.

When the tour was over we called another Uber to pick us up and carry us to the Garden District. It started raining cats and dogs on our way over. We were all kind of wondering what we were going to do in the pouring down rain. Thankfully, our Uber driver drove us right up to a Starbucks. We decided to hang out there and let the rain pass. Once we felt that the rain was letting up we stepped out on to Magazine Street. But, wouldn't you know it started pouring again. We found some awnings and hid out for a while. An employee of a place called Brick and Spoon was across the street trying her best to get us to come over for free Mimosas. It was pouring and the street was a foot deep in water so it took some major convincing for her to get us over. But, she was adorable and so sweet and we were tired of standing out in the rain so we went over. She gave us a card for a free appetizer as well. We weren't starving so we just ordered our first beignets of the trip! Nathan, Mason and I shared some cinnamon sugar beignets and the rest of the family shared some bananas fosters beignets. We enjoyed those and our free mimosas! They were delicious. Jennifer, the sweet lady that got us to come over was so kind and wrote down some addresses to houses owned by famous people in the area.


The rain stopped so we carried on down Magazine street. We went into a few more shops before the guys found a cigar shop. They spent a bit of time in there while we just took in the sights around the shop. The humongous trees out front had beads hanging from them...so typical Nola, right?

By this time we were pretty much at the end of the street so we searched the list of famous houses to see if any were near us. Jay-Z and Beyonce's house was fairly close so we set off to find it. It was about 5 blocks over and it was huge in comparison to other houses in the area. Our waitress had told us it used to be a house where nuns and brothers (?) both lived. It sounded crazy to me, but it was New Orleans after all.

At this point we were all so hot, sticky and tired and quite frankly just over it. So we called another Uber. While waiting we watched the street cars go by! We went back to our resort for a little swimming and then some fishing. We caught an amazing sunset that night!


Stay tuned for day three in New Orleans which involves the aquarium, Barcadia and a Children's Museum.

Have you ever been to Nola? What was your favorite thing about it? Least favorite? I will be sharing ours soon.


  1. Your pictures are gorgeous. To be honest, I've never had any interest in going to NOLA, but after seeing your pictures, it might be on my list for when the boys are older. Mason looks like he was such a trooper!

  2. Okay so I have never been to NOLA but now I kind of want to go :P. The photos you took are gorgeous friend. It looks like and amazing trip!

  3. I love all the colors! I haven't been to LA so New Orleans is definitely on my list.

  4. I was in New Orleans visiting Tulane back in the day. PreKatrina. We stayed in the Garden District. It was just lovely. I loved all the balconies and old homes with gardens.

  5. I've never been to New Orleans but it's been on my travel bucket list for a while! It looks beautiful and the food sounds delicious. May wait for Noah to appreciate sight seeing and have a wider palette than chicken fingers ;)

  6. What a fun trip! I'm definitely wanting to go to NOLA. Beignets are definitely on my bucket list! Jay Z & Beyonce's house is amazing! I'm still in love with those little homes on the water!

  7. Ohmygosh, so many things! 1) Your pictures belong in a NOLA travel brochure! Seriously the best! 2) What a smart idea to follow that IG account prior to going! And 3) Jay-Z and Beyonce's house?? How cool!!

  8. You are just the best photographer!

  9. So many fantastic photos! I've only been once way back in the day for a cruise. We didn't explore too much but I so wish we had!!

  10. Your your picture capture the city so perfectly! And interesting about Bourbon Street. Also, you had me at beignets & free mimosas.

  11. I had no idea about Bourbon Street! I've never been to NOLA, but didn't even think that that might be a little too much for the littles. However, the rest of Day 2 sounds like fun, even if there were a few rain showers involved! Love that Mason picked up some beads!

  12. I've never been to NOLA but always wanted to go! My friend went a year or so ago with some other friends and LOVED it.
    LOVING those turquoise shutters on that first building. It really brings quite the pop of color. I love that your post is so picture heavy because it really gives a good sense of what you could be seeing when you go to New Orleans! You're making me want to go on vacation!

  13. Amazing photos!! Sounds like you guys had a pretty great time down there. Great idea to to follow that IG account before you went. That burger looked delicious - bummer that you didn't get to try it! I've heard nothing but good things about the food in NOLA!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!