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There is something about the Christmas season that just makes you want to pack in all things festive! And we did just that. While we didn't do near as much as we normally do this year, we still did so much. Our season kicked off with a camping trip to the Polar Express and the Grinch's Lair, then we joined our local Jeep club for the third year in the Christmas lighted parade, next we broke tradition a bit and bought a fake tree & decked our halls, we took Mason to breakfast with Santa, and yesterday I shared about our trip to the Gaylord Texan and Ice Exhibit. And I still have so much to share! After our Gaylord Texan and Ice adventure we were in the mood to keep the Christmas festiveness going on, so we drove to Plano to see the lights at Deerfield.

This was our third year to look at the lights at Deerfield and it never disappoints! The houses there are just beautiful and they go all out with the lights! You can rent a horse and carriage ride to tour the neighborhood, but we enjoy them from our Jeep! We oooh'ed and ahhh'ed and I might have taken some notes for what I want to do to our house next year. Sorry, babe! ha.

And the video...

The next day Nate's parents invited us to lunch at Campo Verde. We went last year for the first time and really enjoyed it. The food isn't the best, but you can't beat the Christmas-y atmosphere. We actually went for a late lunch/early dinner and we soon found out that was not the best time to go. We waited for almost an hour and a half to be seated! It was hard to keep the two little guys entertained.

And a short little video where you can see more of the decor:

Several years ago my aunts started an annual "ladies baking party" evening where all the ladies in our family comes together for a day/evening of baking, hanging out, playing white elephant, and baking all of our Christmas goods. I wasn't able to to the first one they had, but this was my 3rd one to attend. We have so much fun at these parties! My aunts do such a fabulous job of decorating, coordinating food and drinks, and planning games! It's one of my favorite events of the year.

And the video:

For my work Christmas party this year we decided to go to dinner and then board and brush! There are only three of us in Texas so we normally do some kind of creative event for our party! We've gone to cooking classes, painting with a twist, etc. I'm so glad we landed on Board and Brush this year because it's one of my favorite places! We did an "open" night where we could pick our own project. I chose a beautiful nativity and now it's one of my favorite Christmas-time pieces.

More to come...

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