{Dallas Cowboy game // December 29th}

Our sister in law won 2 tickets to the Dallas Cowboy game on 12/29 and wasn't able to attend. She asked if Nathan and I wanted the tickets! I had never been to an NFL game and Nate had only been to a play-off game. Neither of us has watched a football game at the new stadium so we were excited! We went to church and then hung out with Mason a bit before the game. We only had 2 tickets so he went to the movies with his Nana while we were at the game. I was excited to have a little date with my man!

To avoid the crazy parking and prices we parked at Nate's work a few miles away and took an Uber in. We were able to park in a secured gate so we knew that our Jeep was safe! I was nervous about the Uber, but it all worked out. We got there with plenty of time to walk around and check things out before the game. The stadium is just amazing! They have this outdoor area with a stage where the dancers perform. It was hype and so fun!

The Cowboys won but unfortunately did not make it to the playoffs. The game was very enjoyable. We've always heard mixed reviews about watching the games live. Some people don't like all the commercial breaks when at a live game, but I think there was so much going on in the stadium that it didn't feel like a big waste of time. We left a little early to be able to get out of there without the massive crowds and so we wouldn't have to wait long for an Uber. We decided to walk a bit down from the stadium and catch our Uber around the Texas Live area. It was still decorated for Christmas and looked so neat!

Have you ever been to an NFL game?

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