{Camping in Palestine, TX // annual Polar Express & Grinch weekend}

This past weekend was our 5th annual trip to Palestine for all things festive and magical! It's literally one of my favorite weekends of the year. Every time I try to explain this weekend the only word I can come up with is magical, and it truly is. From camping in a magical forest to visiting the Grinch's Lair, and then capping it off with a trip to the North Pole via the Polar Express, it really is a feel-good-get-in-the-spirit time! I'm forever grateful for this weekend with my people and for all of the special memories we have made in Palestine, TX.

We were all off on Friday so we were able to leave before lunchtime to head down to Palestine. We kept Mason home on Friday because he had a bad cough and was feeling a tad bit warm. I didn't want to send him when he was feeling bad. Plus, we were going to take him out early anyhow. We got to Palestine sometime after 2, I believe. We've been camping at Palestine RV Park for many years and adore the place. It's a quaint little campground with the nicest owners.

We got everything settled with the camper and then went to find Pint and Barrel Drafthouse, a restaurant recommended by the owners of the campsite. Once we got there we realized that we had eaten there once before on our very first trip to Palestine. I ordered the hot ham and cheese sandwich with tomato soup and two fried green tomatoes. And let me tell you, it was scrumptious. And so, so perfect for the cold and dreary weather. They have a room full of games so Mason grabbed Battleship for he and his Papa to play.  They had so much fun playing while waiting on our meal.

After a delicious meal, we decided to walk around the little shops across the street. We went into the pie shop only to find out they sell well in advance. Womp. womp. But good for them and their business! It was the cutest little place so of course, we had to take pictures.

Then we walked around Wells Creek Crossing which was an antique store and boutique. The best of both worlds. They had the best stuff! We spotted a decorated truck across the street and had to take some photos.

Then we drove to a town about 25 minutes out to shop at Atwoods. We always find the best deals at that location! And this time did not disappoint. After shopping for a couple of hours we grabbed some blizzards from Dairy Queen. Then we headed back to the campsites to wait on Ty & Michelle to arrive. The owners of the campgrounds told us to look up in the trees at dark and oh my word! AMAZING!! It was like a magical forest. They used the projector lights and pointed them up into the trees. I tried to take a video, but it didn't come out. Believe me when I say it was beautiful!! Once Ty & Michelle got there we started decorating the camper and Christmas tree!

We ended the evening with an epic snowball fight, which you can watch in the video below! It was such a great first day/evening in Palestine! Probably one of my most favorite nights of camping, ever.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit and then headed to town. We shopped at Wells Creek Crossing again and put a dent in our Christmas shopping list. Mason got some new boots and we got a birthday gift for Nate's mom! We chatted with the owner for quite some time and she was the sweetest most adorable lady!

Then we grabbed some lunch before hitting up the Grinch's Lair. But, that deserves it's own post so I will stop here.

Here's the video from our first day in Palestine.

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