{Weekend Wrap-up // a festive December weekend; Camp Verde, Breakfast with Santa, Church}

Hello Monday!! How we are already 10 days into the month of December is beyond me!! But, I do know that we are enjoying this sweet season something fierce. I love the month of December and all of the festiveness. Nathan worked overtime on Saturday and Sunday, but we still managed to have a pretty amazing weekend! Here's a look at our festive weekend...

Our Friday evening started with the cutest reindeer sighting I've ever seen! We gave Mason the cutest Christmas onesie we bought him and he couldn't wait to put it on. We realized we didn't open our book advent that morning so we went ahead and did that. Then we went to the famous Campo Verde for supper with our little reindeer. They are known for their very elaborate Christmas decorations at Christmas-time. We HAD to see it! And, it did not disappoint. We were blown away as soon as we walked in the doors! It's ceiling to floor lights, tinsel, garland, decor, etc. Even their deer on the walls had their antlers wrapped in lights. It was amazing and such a fun atmosphere. There is also a train at the top that runs around the whole restaurant. It's so fun to watch it come by your table. If you're in the DFW area I highly suggest you go!

After we ate our wait in all things chip and queso and tex-mex we did a little Christmas shopping at Duluth and Summit. Both stores were decorated for Christmas and we couldn't resist a few pictures!

Saturday morning Nate left bright and early for work (overtime) and Mason and I slept in a tiny bit. We had to be up early for breakfast with Santa at the high school in the town where Mason goes to school. They do a whole Grinch themed set-up with craft tables, pictures with Santa, pictures with the Grinch, the band plays Christmas music, the choir sings, etc. It really is a neat even they put on. We always opt out of breakfast due to the line. It was cold and rainy, but that didn't have any barring on anyone! There were so many people there. One thing I liked this year was that the various classes and clubs made things to sell as a fundraiser. The chemistry club made slime and crystalized Christmas trees, another group made Grinch slime, another group sold ornament kits and our favorite was the art club...they made ceramic Christmas trees! We bought one and we love it so. We had an amazing time. Our favorite Police Officer (Mason's uncle) was working so we got to visit with him as well.

After the breakfast with Santa, Mason and I had to scurry on over to the admin building for basketball uniform try-ons! We are so excited that basketball season is here again. Mason has been ready to play since the last season ended. He has a really good (and hard) coach this year! Should be a fun and good season. We took some Jeep selfies while waiting to go in. Then we went to visit my parents and family after that and had lunch with them at Chick Fil A. Mason was ecstatic to get to hang out with his cousins. Only we were missing two of them. All of these boys are growing too fast for my liking.

After lunch Mason and I ran a couple of quick errands and went home to wait on Nate to get home. Mason wanted Mexican food yet once again so we went to a family favorite, Ojeda's for supper. We had some good family time!

Sunday Mason and I had a slow morning did all of our Advents together. His elves brought him an ornament kit. We both agreed that the puppy ornaments looked like his Great Grandma's dog. So, we made a plan to make her one and go visit her after church. Speaking of church...oh my word it was amazing! I love church year round, but there is just something special about church at Christmas time. The church was decorated so beautifully, the worship service was moving and the message was incredible.

After church, we went straight to visit NeNaw (Nate's Grandma and Mason's Great Grandma) at her retirement community. She was at lunch when we arrived and got a thrill out of introducing Mason to new friends. And then Mason had to go and visit some of his old friends there as well! It's so sweet to see him interact with everyone. He's so kind and just loves on them. I know some of them do not get visitors often and they just crave that interaction/socialization. Especially from little ones. They always tell him about their grandkids and great grandkids and how they miss them. And Mason takes such interest in them, asks them questions and genuinely cares about listening to them! He makes my heart so happy!!

That evening we just hung out with family and then got everything ready for a new week! How was your weekend?

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