{The Arcade // December 2019}

One of these days I may be caught up on all things 2019, but today is not that day. I was doing really well at catching up, but then Mason contacted the Flu (type A) virus. So, we will try this again! Back in December after a family gathering, we decided to take Mason to this new place in town called The Arcade. We have heard so many cool things about it and wanted to check it out.

One of the cool things about the Arcade is that it's underground! It resides below an old historic hotel in the downtown area of our hometown. Once we got down to the Arcade we quickly realized that it was just as cool as everyone had said! There were tons of arcade-style games, skeeball, fuzzball, board games, and even console games. You pay a cover charge and it is valid from the time they open until the time they close. And it's only like $10.99 a person, I believe. Whatever it was, my boys said it was worth it. They had so much fun!

They offer birthday party packages and I think that would be such a big hit! Mason's thinking about it!

Do you have anything like this around you?

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