{Christmas Eve Eve // Reindeer food // cookies for Santa // Christmas Tree campout}

Mason's last day of school was 12/20 which meant that I got to have my boy home with me on the days leading up to Christmas. I still worked, but I am so blessed to work from home full time. Work was extremely slow, as you can imagine, so we hung out in Christmas pajamas and did all things festive.

On Christmas Eve Eve I made Mason his favorite breakfast (just some cinnamon rolls) and then we made reindeer food and baked cookies for Santa. We had the best time together! I knew Christmas Eve would be a bit busy so I wanted to knock out as much as we could on Christmas Eve Eve.

We've been making Reindeer food since Mason was a tot! We use hay, oats, and sprinkles and then his elves usually scoop in and add the magic dust to it later that day!

Then it was time to bake and decorate cookies for Santa (and us too, of course!). I usually give Mason full range on the cookie decorating which means they are covered in sprinkles! The more the merrier, right? He picked out a few special ones for Santa and then wrote him the sweetest note! I love this boy's heart and seeing the magic of Christmas through his eyes!

And a couple short videos:

We ended the evening with our annual Christmas tree campout! We bring the air mattress into the living room right beside the Christmas tree and campout for the evening. It's also tradition that we watch Home Alone 1 & 2. We made it through all of 1 and a quarter of part 2 and then called it a night. We finished Home Alone Lost in New York the next morning!

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