{Ruidoso, NM Vacation // Day 1}

Try as I might, I am not sure if I will ever get caught up over here. Tis' is life.

After Christmas again this year we decided to go play in the snow and the mountains. We came thisclose to going to Colorado but were scared of getting snowed in/stuck there. So, we just went back to Ruidoso, NM! We know the area pretty well now, it's an easy drive, and we knew we could find snow there.

We left the Tuesday after Christmas at the early hour of 4 am. We wanted to get there in time to be able to make the most of our day! Nathan and I took turns driving so that the other could sleep. Mason was fortunate enough that he got to sleep the entire time! How nice it must have been to go to sleep in Texas and wake up in New Mexico!

You know you're a true Texan when the first sight of mountains makes you so giddy with excitement! The mountains are my happy place!!

We got to the hotel around noon and tried to check-in. But the lady working told me that I couldn't check in until after two when my reservation clearly said 12:00. She couldn't be bothered with looking to see if our room was ready so we left. We drove up to the mountain to see how much snow was there!

When we got off the mountain we stopped at a Smokey Bear info center to get some information on some trails. It was located right off a road that had some camping so we checked it out. And it was the best thing we did! We found the most amazing secluded spot that was perfect for sledding! We dropped a pin on our map so that we could come back when we were suited up with snow gear!

Next we drove through the downtown area and then took a forestry trail through the mountains!

We knew we were past the check-in time at our hotel so we went to drop off all our stuff! And we also put on all of our snow gear so that we could go back to that spot to go sledding! We had the best time there. It was a beautiful area and not many people at all!

Next we went to Adventure Mountain for some indoor play! It's a new place in Ruidoso and so cool. They have Gyro bumper cars, ice skating, a ropes course, axe throwing, putt putt, an arcade, a laser maze, a bazooka ball game, and so much more. We had a complete blast there. Mason could have rode that Gyro thing over and over if we let him. Nate and Mason broke a couple of records on the laser tag game (out of thousands of players) so that was neat!

What an amazing first day we had! It also happened to be New Years Eve, but we were exhausted. I think we were all asleep by 9:30 MST.

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