{Gaylord Texan / Ice Exhibit 2019}

Happy New Year! I know that Christmas feels like forever ago at this point, but I have so much to share about the season. I took an unintentional blog break to be intentional with the ones I love so dearly. 2019 was definitely a year of change {more on this later} for us, but through that, I learned to give myself some grace. While traditions are nice and good for my soul, it's okay to skip a year if needed. It's okay to break traditions for the sake of family first, and it's okay to make new traditions. Speaking of new, we did something new this season...we visited the Gaylord Texan and did the Ice exhibit. The last time we have done this was when I was about 4 months pregnant with Mason. Nathan and I wanted to have a special family night with Mason and thankfully he thought of the ICE exhibit! I'm so glad he did because we had the most incredible time.

We kept it a secret from Mason all day and only told him we were taking him somewhere fun! He was so anxious and excited all day and I loved it! He asked no less than 739473 times on the way there where we were going! We didn't tell him until we got there! He figured out most of it on his own and was excited!

We got there before our ticket time so we were able to walk around the hotel and then play in the Ice area. Mason threw snowballs and made a build a bear and just had the greatest of times!!

Then it was time for us to get suited up in our parkas and get in line for Ice! We brought gloves and hats for extra warmth and I am so glad we did! 9 degrees is colder than you would think. My face was frozen along with my picture taking hand! ha

The Ice exhibits were absolutely stunning! Mason especially loved the ice slide and we all loved the nativity at the end! So gorgeous and what a sight to see!

After the exhibits we walked around the hotel a bit more. We were going to get Santa pictures, but we stood in (the longest) line for over 15 minutes without moving an inch. So, we opted out!

Do you have anything like this near you? I'm so thankful we do because it was so fun and festive!

And for the video...

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