{Christmas dress-up week at school}

I've mentioned before that Mason wears uniforms to school daily so any time he gets a dress-up day it's more than welcomed! Give us a whole week of festive-themed dress-up days and we are HERE for it! Especially the last week before break!

Monday - "Candy Cane Day" - Wear red and white or dress up like a candy cane.

We've had this red and white striped Santa hat for a couple of years, but it was perfect for this themed day! It was cold and rainy so we just paired it with a cozy red sweatshirt!

Tuesday - "Baby It's Cold Outside" - Wear holiday socks, scarves & hats. 

We found these fun socks at Walmart and they even light up! Mason probably would have worn these every single day if I let him. He loved them! Kind of funny that Mason wore shorts on the "baby it's cold" day, but you wouldn't have been able to see his fun socks otherwise.

Wednesday - "Long Winter's Night" - Wear school appropriate pajamas. 

Pajamas to school? Yes please! Mason and I are all about the cozy pajamas. Mason had gotten a few new pairs this season so it was just a matter of choosing which to wear.

Thursday - "Santa and his Helpers" - Dress up like Santa, Elves, or any Christmas character.

Mason really wanted to dress like Santa, but we couldn't find a Santa suit in his size. We found this elf hat and called it good!

Friday - "Deck the Halls" - Wear favorite holiday necklace, earrings, headband, tinsel w/jeans, and/or Pajamas

You know we opted for pajamas again! Bedhead and all...ha! This also happened to be Mason's Christmas party day at school. A mom of one of Mason's really good friends has been bringing snowballs to their party since Kinder or First grade. The kids always love it and have a blast!

What a fun week!

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