{Currently // September edition}

It's time to link up with Anne in Residence for Currently. This month we are sharing what we are currently making, taking, discovering, consuming, and saving. 

Making ::

Lots and lots of earrings! Our Hobby Lobby recently upped their game in the faux leather department and I have found so many cute patterns. I also found a variety pack on Amazon to try! I have made over 40 so pairs lately {for me and sister in law & friends}. I find it therapeutic to work on, too! And of course, making as many memories that we can!

Taking ::

As many weekend trips that we can now that school is back in session! We live for our trips, even if they are just a weekend getaway. I'm also taking control of my Instagram. I got so behind on posting things...like current things. I get so overwhelmed by the insane amount of pictures that I take and never know what to share. But, I'm trying to get better about showing more of our day to day life on there! I also have an OCD when it comes to my feed and I long for it to be cohesive. So, I use a planning app so that I can see what my feed will look like before I post a picture. Saves me lots of deleting later. Why am I like this?! lol.

Discovering ::

How true the statement is that friends are the family you choose! I love how no amount of time apart can ever hinder a true friendship! It felt so good to reconnect with our friends over this last weekend and my soul is happy even if I am longing for more time with them.

Consuming ::

All things low carb! Nate and I started the Keto diet a few weeks ago and have been doing pretty good with it. It hasn't been to hard, either. I will say I love having Nate do this with me. Usually it's me alone on a diet and we all know that can be a lonely hard season! ha.

Saving ::

My stockpile of new fall finds until it's appropriate to put them out. In other words, until I can talk my husband into getting the rest of the fall decorations out of the attic! The weather outside might not say fall, but that doesn't mean the inside has to agree!

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