{This Past Weekend...}

Another great weekend in the books! Man, I just love weekends. Our week days are usually really good. Mundane, but good. But our weekends? Oh how I just love those. They are filled with so much friend, family and church time and I just can't get enough. This weekend we switched things up a bit which I am sharing about below...
...this past weekend I shared this image to Instagram . I'm not usually one to use words like "Fri-yay" because I feel like I am not cool enough or something, but it was definitely a "yay" that it was finally Friday! I thought it may never come. It was one of those weeks that just seemed to last forever. I got confused on what day it was two different times if that tells you anything.
...this past weekend I bought a waiver for my hair and it was an epic fail. It was my first time to do it and I kind of rushed through it. But, Nate liked it so maybe it wasn't a fail afterall? Do you have a waiver? Any tips you can share? I watched so many YouTube videos and of course they were flawless and had beautiful beachy waves instead of looking like they had crimped hair from the 80s.

...this past weekend we went and got Mason's haircut. Finally. It took us forever to talk him into it. I think it's because a lot of the older boys at our church have longer hair. And, he looks up to those boys. But, we offered him the Sports Clip's MVP (hot towels, massage, etc) and he obliged. He looks so dang cute {and older! ugh}.

Side note - we were sitting outside and I forgot his prescription sunglasses so he had to wear mine.

...this past weekend we had bible study with some of our favorite people. I love that we have these people in our lives that we can meet with and study God's word together. I am so thankful for each and every one of them. And the fellowship afterwards is always so sweet.

...this past weekend after bible study the ladies played Phase 10 while the men chatted outside. It was so much fun! I hadn't played Phase 10 in so long, but somehow I managed to win. Whoop whoop!

...this past weekend a sweet little friend came home from bible study with us and spent the night. Her parents had to work all day Saturday so we offered to keep her. It was so fun having a little girl around the house!

...this past weekend we all slept in until 10:00 am. Which sounds awesome, but we didn't go to bed until almost 2:00 am.

...this past weekend we went to my parents house to celebrate Easter with them. It was such a nice day! Windy, but nice. The kids had so much fun hunting eggs and just playing together.

...this past weekend we drove around Bristol {part of the Bluebonnet Trail} and looked around. It's such a nice little piece of Ellis County and we love it.

...this past weekend we went to church and heard an amazing sermon from 1 John 2:1-6. I am broken, but beloved through the work of Christ.

...this past weekend we were supposed to have Sunday Funday at the lake after church, but it didn't really work out. One of the kids in our group were sick, it was too windy to take the kayaks out and we had a million and one things we needed to do at home. Nate needed to mow and I had a mound of laundry to catch up on. So, we opted to stay home.

...this past weekend Mason asked me if we could make a YouTube video of him pranking his dad. He was so dang cute, I couldn't say no.

...this past weekend we went to the store to get a few things for said pranks.

...this past weekend we stopped for a few Bluebonnet pictures. Mason agreed to taking some and I about fell over! This boy loathes taking pictures these days. It was super windy, but we managed to get a few.

...this past weekend Mason pranked his dad by putting a fake waterbug on his drink. We knew Nate would be thirsty since he was outside mowing 2 acres so we stopped and got him a drink from Sonic. When Mason delivered the drink to him he put a fake bug on top! That was prank #1 that he planned. Nate played along just perfectly making Mason feel happy and victory! Then Nate threw the bug in his mouth to make Mason laugh. I just love these boys so much!!

...this past weekend we ran to Home Depot to get bug stuff for our flower beds. I love Home Depot this time of year...all the pretty flowers, plants and outdoor furniture.

...this past weekend Nate put out the home defense stuff and I took a little nap! It was glorious.

...this past weekend we went to the Halls for burgers and hot dogs. Then we went outside to play with the doggies for a bit.

...this past weekend we ended with a beautiful sunset.

And that's a wrap on the weekend!! What did you do this weekend? Any plans for the week?

If you could join me in prayer this week for my sweet mama I would appreciate it more than you know. She starts radiation pills for her thyroid on Tuesday.

Have a great week!


  1. As always, you capture the best pics! I like your hair wavy. I think with any hot tool, it takes a few times to feel like you know what you're doing! I love how involved yiu are in church, inspires me to follow!

  2. Oh my gosh, that bug! Haha. Your hubs is a hoot! And I love those Easter shirts you made! Mason looks so cute!

  3. What Bible Study would you recommend? i am wanting to buy one but there are so many. Any suggestions?

  4. I like how your hair turned out. We have phase 10 and I could not understand how to play it! Glad you had a great weekend.

  5. I love that you tried something new with your hair. I do the same old, same old.

  6. Those Blue Bonnet photos. So sweet! Looks like y'all had an amazing weekend. Now I am off to figure out what in the world a waiver is!

  7. I like the waves! And Mason's cut! Looking good and those flowers and the sunset! I'll be thinking of your mother!

  8. What a wonderful weekend!!! It sounds like perfection! Love Mason's haircut! The pranks are so fun! Cam loves to do stuff like that.

  9. I love the pictures of Mason with the Blue Bonnets. I also love how he looks up to the older boys at church. So sweet.

    Also, I thought your hair looked cute with that wave in it. :)

  10. Those bluebonnet pictures are just the sweetest. You guys always manage a perfect mix of social + productive on your weekends. Sending prayers for your mom.

  11. I LOVE YOUR HAIR! I purchased this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007ISRNJS/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 & have been practicing. I really like it!

    You are darling!


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