{Reading and Writing with Ben the Rooster}

I was first introduced to Ben the Rooster through Dara at Not in Jersey and thought it was such a neat service. I loved seeing her son reading and writing to Ben and knew that Mason would love it, too. Our boys are the same ages! Ben the Rooster is a monthly barnyard penpal subscription service for kids ages 2-8. It was created to help kids grow a love for reading. What parent doesn't want that for their child?

Ben the Rooster sends a couple of postcards a month {on the first and the sixteenth} and includes activity cards for your little's to write back to him. When Jason reached out to me about trying out the service for a month I couldn't say yes quick enough. For one, Mason loves to receive mail and gets so excited to see something with his name on it. And two, I knew it would be good for him. While Mason is a really strong reader and speller his handwriting could really use some help! With his ADHD he tends to want to rush through things which leaves his handwriting huge and sloppy. It was my hope that with Ben the Rooster as a penpal Mason would want to take his time writing neat and perfect. And well, practice makes perfect.

And boy was I right! He really wanted to write so nice and neat for Ben. I am amazed at how nice he can actually write when he takes his time to do so.

One of the activities Mason was asked was to draw a picture about his favorite book. We thought long and hard about all of the books we had read {which is a ton of books} and I named several that Mason loved. But, he was adamant that his most favorite book of all was his Grace for the Moment Devotional. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that made me! Mason's favorite book is one about Jesus! Anyhow, he drew his devotional and wrote a little bit about it back to Ben The Rooster. He was so excited that there was a place for him to draw. He'd rather draw than color any day!

I also let Mason put his mail back to Ben the Rooster in the mailbox since this was his thing! He loved it and felt so big doing so.

If you're interested in a fun and inexpensive penpal for your kid(s) definitely give Ben the Rooster a try. You can click here to see the different subscription types. And because you're reading my blog I am excited to offer you a free month of this service! Just type in the code HALLAROUNDTEXAS and you're golden! Thank you so much Ben the Rooster for offering this!! 


  1. I've seen Ben the Rooster before and it looks like so much fun. I think once Cam gets a little older it'll be the perfect thing for him to do.

  2. I'm so glad you and Mason got to write to Ben too! We are still loving getting Ben's post cards!

  3. Oh my gosh what will they think of next!? Having a pen pal is such a lost thing I think! I love this!!

  4. YAY! So glad Mason is enjoying these!
    We won a six month subscription to Ben the Rooster, and Marcus LOVES it! He gets so tickled when a little piece of mail comes just for him. I love that it works on penmanship and creativity, but in a way that Marcus doesn't even realize he's working on those things.


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