{This Past Weekend // Sleepovers, Antique Alley, a day at home}

Happy Monday!! What another great weekend we had. It was one of those that I didn't really want to end. Or at least not so soon. It was filled with the perfect balance of busy and relaxation. I am already looking forward to the next weekend. Here is a look at our past weekend...

...this past weekend we started our weekend off with a trip to our favorite snowcone stand. It was so great to visit with our sweet friends. We had missed them so much.

...this past weekend we drove around the beautiful country side before bible study. Nathan was trying to sell me on the idea of buying land or a house and land out there. While I love that area I am not quite sure I am ready to move just yet. Side note - I love tree-lined streets something fierce.

...this past weekend we had bible study and studied Acts 2:42-47. It was such a good study! We had a very intimate little group as several weren't able to attend.

...this past weekend Mason spent the night with his friend after bible study. It was his first ever sleep over {other than his Nana's house}. He was so excited and did so well.

...this past weekend I was up bright and early at 8 am on Saturday morning waiting for Mason to call. I missed him terribly and couldn't wait to hear how his sleepover went.

...this past weekend we woke up to an unexpected cold and rainy day on Saturday.

...this past weekend we joined some friends for Antique Alley. It's a shopping event that stretches across two counties and is held every April and September. They were on a day date, but we had Mason with us. He was so well behaved and fun that day!

...this past weekend we found the cutest little coffee/ice cream shop called The Grind {and we needed to escape the rain for a bit}. The shop is owned by Christians and they have scripture throughout the place. They made their ice cream with liquid nitrogen and it was the most unique ice cream. We enjoyed our time there.

...this past weekend Chris and Mason had a contest to see who could hold a fake smile the longest. It was so dang funny!

...this past weekend had to say our goodbyes to our friends for the day. We had a birthday party to get to and they were going to continue shopping.

...this past weekend we went to a birthday part at a local church that has an indoor play area. This friend and Mason have been friends since they were one. It's so fun to look back and compare pictures from 2011 and now. The kids had fun and the birthday boy came home with us for a bit afterwards.

...this past weekend after the birthday party we drove to pick up Mason's friend to spend the night. We grabbed a pizza and came back to the house. It was so fun to have a house full of boys. They had so much fun playing with toys and the Xbox.

...this past weekend we went to Sunday school and church. My brother and one of his sons joined us and it was such a special treat to have them there.

...this past weekend Mason did a little bible reading on the way from church. And then he told us a few bible studies he had learned.

...this past weekend we met my family after church for a surprise birthday lunch for my daddy.

...this past weekend we decided to forgo Sunday Funday to spend some time at home. We had some projects we needed to tackle. And, we just craved some time at home.

...this past weekend we worked on some activities that Mason received in his Easter basket. He had a bug dig kit, a dinosaur excavation kit, and a pirate excavation kit. He had so much fun!

...this past weekend we hung out outside most of Sunday afternoon. Mason helped Nate with a project in the shop and then he and I played with sidewalk chalk. We had such a good time.

...this past weekend Mason and I went to the store to grab a few things we needed. Mason got a little plastic pool to play in. He wanted to play as soon as we got home. While it was 78/80 degrees it was breezy and still too cool for swimming. He was freezing, but braved it for 45 minutes to an hour. I brought several buckets of hot water from the house, but it wasn't doing much to combat the cold.

...this past weekend we got a text from some church friends asking if we wanted to go to dinner. We met them at Olive Garden less than an hour later. We hadn't been to Olive Garden in so long and forgot how much we loved it! It was so good and the company was even better.

And that's a wrap on our weekend. How was yours? What did you do?


  1. Oh my the first sleepover! How did YOU do?! That coffee shop looks amazing I love the signs! Kids are so resilient to cold sometimes it's crazy! Only when they want to be of course. Lol!

  2. What a fun filled weekend!
    I really miss the greenbelts in Texas. I walked them so many mornings with a baby strapped to me.

  3. Your weekends are always full of adventure and fun - even if you stick close to home!
    The tree lined street is so pretty! That coffee shop looks like it was the cutest ever! Mason's first sleep over sounds like it was a smashing success!

  4. That coffee shop looks like the coolest spot to hang out. Moving to the country sounds like an amazing plan... I think I'll do that to, lol!

  5. So much fun! I love all the little places you get to visit!

  6. I love reading about your weekends! You guys always have so much fun and I want to come get snow cones. Be there is oh 15 hours or so.

  7. Ahhh first real sleepover!? I probably would have been up all night haha. And Antique Alley sounds AMAZING!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!