{Five on Friday // And an announcement}

Happy Friday! Man, I just love Fridays. Especially Friday's that we have Bible Study and fellowship with some of our favorite people. I just can't think of a better way to start a weekend!! We are also having Easter with my family on Saturday and we're very much looking forward to that. And if the weather cooperates then we'll have Sunday Funday at a lake after church!! But for now, it's time for Five on Friday...

{O N E} Posts on Hall Around Texas this week...

Monday // This Past Weekend
Tuesday // Scripture for the tired and busy mama
Wednesday // What we're reading
Thursday // Spring Break by the numbers

{T W O} // The Water Bottle Trick

Nathan got Mason with the water bottle trick that was floating around Facebook! Mason didn't see it coming! I love that he can laugh about things such as having water splashed in his face. I would have been upset! ha. But don't worry...Mason got Nate back later that night by throwing cold water on him while he was in the shower. I love these boys of mine.

{T H R E E} // All my Cricut People...

I found a new site that offers free SVG cutting files! Check out Free SVG Images here. They just added three new Mother's Day files; here, here, and here.

{F O U R} Speaking of Cricut...

I whipped up Mason and I some Easter shirts yesterday! We are celebrating Easter with my family tomorrow and I wanted shirts for us to wear. On Easter we'll be in our Sunday best so I am glad we have an opportunity to wear a fun and festive Easter shirt tomorrow. I knew I wanted something fun for Mason {because that's just who he is} and I love the one he picked out. And you know that my shirt was bound to have the word "y'all" in it!

{F I V E} // Easter Basket Link-up Announcement...

I've joined some of my sweet blog friends to host an Easter basket link-up. Snap some pictures of your little's Easter baskets and come link-up with us. The link-up goes live on April 12th and runs through April 19th. We can't wait to see those baskets and what you fill them with. You can use the hashtag #easterbasket2017 on social media. You can see my Easter basket post from last year here.

{B O N U S} // Take Courage by Bethel...

This song has been on repeat this week! It's really speaking to my soul and I just can't get enough of it. It brings me so much hope and encouragement. He's in the waiting...

Slow down, take time
Breath in, he said
He'd reveal whats to come
The thoughts in his mind
Always higher than mine
He'll reveal all to come

Take courage, my heart
Stay Steadfast, my soul
He's in the waiting
He's in the waiting
Hold on to your hope
As your triumph unfolds
He's never failing
He's never failing

Sing praise, my soul
Find strength in joy
Let his words lead you on
Do not forget his great faithfulness
He'll finish all he's begun

And you who hold the stars
Who call them each by name
Will surely keep your promise to me
That I will rise in your victory
- Kristene DiMarco, Bethel

Thursday is our The Kids Behind the Blog link-up. In case you need the questions again, here they are. We would love for you to join us!

Questions for April:
1.) What is your favorite thing about Spring?
2.) If April showers bring May flower what do May Flowers bring?
3.) What does a flower need to grow? 
4.) Do you like that it's starting to get warmer? Or do you like the cold and snow better?
5.) What do you want to do over Spring Break?
Bonus) What is your favorite thing about Easter? 

Have a great weekend!!


  1. What a great sport for the water bottle trick and that he got him back in the shower. Awesome. Love those sweatshirts!

  2. Oh those shirts you made are fantastic! Loving that hip hop one! What a fun link up! My Easter basket game is not strong lol! Here's to the weekend!

  3. I love the shirts you made for Mason and the water bottle trick just makes me laugh!

  4. Oh my gosh!! I ADORE the shirts you made. Especially yours!

  5. Oh my gosh, I just laughed so hard at that video!! Mason is so sweet to just laugh about it!

  6. I hope you have a lovely weekend!
    I laughed at the water bottle video!

  7. Hahahaha! I saw that video on Facebook! Priceless.

  8. Where did you get his shirt pattern from?

  9. Holy cow, I know I've said it before, but your Cricut is awesome! You've made some of the coolest stuff with it!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Cold water in the shower. Baha ha we used to do that ALL the time growing up. Those Easter shirts are SO cute friend. You should totally open up an Etsy shop. Now I am off to listen to that song.

  11. Ha, ha! I am so glad that Mason got Nathan back for that one. Tee hee!

  12. You are a pro at shirt designs! Love those and would totally buy Ez and Declan matching hip hop shirts if available ;) Can't wait for the linkup. So fun to peek at everyone's baskets.

  13. I love the shirts you've made! Girl, I need to come down for a craft weekend! :)


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!