{12 ways to have a Christ-centered Easter}

How to have a Christ centered Easter
I mentioned in my Easter Scripture post that I want to be intentional about Easter with Mason. It's so easy to get caught up in the Easter bunny, the candy, the festivals, the egg hunts, etc. and we forget about the true meaning of Easter. Which is that Jesus died for our sins and rose on Easter Sunday, giving us the gift of eternal life. The cross meant to kill is our victory!! As Easter nears {and always} I want to Easter to be a sacred celebration and a time to reflect on the hope of His resurrection. Below are some of the ways that I do this. Some of these dates have already passed, but maybe you can incorporate them into your Easter in the years to follow.

1.) Take a walk through the Holy Week 
This is more common in the LDS faith, but I still do this of some sorts with Mason, We read scripture and do activities about Jesus' last week to bring the Easter story to life. We use this resource as a basis for these activities. This starts one week before Easter.

2.) Read an Easter devotional as a family
This year we are reading Ann Voskamp's Trail to the Tree this year. It's a free download once you sign-up on her site, here.

3.) Make Christ-centered Easter Baskets
Fill Easter baskets with things that point to Christ. Instead of a toy, give them a bible or book about the story of Easter. Instead of a chocolate bunny give them a chocolate Cross. And for things you would typically put in their baskets you could add things to make them point to Christ. For example, on the marshmallow bunny peeps add a note that says "No bunny loves you more than Jesus", add the "Jelly Bean Story" to a bag of jelly beans, etc.

4.) Bake Resurrection Rolls to represent the empty tomb
This is a great {and delicious} way to present the Gospel to your family. There is a lesson to be told while making and baking the rolls...the biscuits represent the white linens Jesus was wrapped in (Mark 15:46), the oil represents the oil they anointed Him with (Luke 23:55-56), the cinnamon and sugar represents the spices and herbs (John 19:38-40), the white marshmallow for our sinless Savior, as you bake the rolls read Matthew 12:40, Luke 24:1-8, open the rolls to see them empty. The tomb is EMPTY (Romans 10:9).

You can find the recipe here

Christ centered Easter Resurrection Rolls

5.) Include Faith-filled Eggs in the Easter egg hunt
As you stuff plastic Easter eggs include scriptures about the resurrection, hope and love to help remind kids the true meaning of Easter. After the egg hunt sit down and read the scriptures together as a family.

Christ centered Easter Scripture Eggs

6.) Egg your friends - He Is Risen style
Egg your friends, but use the He Is Risen style to do so. The concept is to hide 12 eggs in their yard, but leave one empty to represent the empty tomb!

The egg is hollow, just like the tomb; for it is meant to represent Christ has risen for you.
- Matthew 28:6

You can find the directions and the printable here.

7.) Open Resurrection Eggs
This is a set of 12 plastic eggs that are filled with symbols that represent the Easter story. There are many DIY Resurrection Egg tutorials out there {here, here and here}, but we bought our set at Walmart. This is one of Mason's favorite things to do each year. You can either approach this activity as an advent or you can have the kids hunt the eggs and then gather to discuss. 

Christ centered Easter Resurrection Eggs

Christ centered Easter Resurrection Eggs

8.) Read Real Easter Bunnies together
I found this adorable printable here. I love that it uses the Easter Bunny to point to scripture and Jesus Christ.

9.) Listen to praise and worship songs that point to the cross and read books filled with the truth
We like to create a playlist that is filled with music that points to Jesus and to the Cross. I created this playlist to listen to throughout the Easter season {and even after}. 

Some of our favorite Easter books are The Easter Story, God Gave us Easter, and The Story of Jesus.

Christ centered Easter books

10.) Dye Easter eggs and talk about what it represents
As you dye Easter eggs talk about how they represent new life like our new life through Him.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. 
- 2 Corinthians 5:17

Christ centered Easter dyeing eggs

11.) Go on an Easter Scavenger Hunt
I created this printable last year to for an Easter Scavenger Hunt. It includes things that represent the resurrection. Mason and I had so much fun doing this!

12.) Go to church and hear an Easter sermon
I cannot think of a better way to spend Easter Sunday than at church! We go to both sunrise service and Easter service and we love it.

What are some ways that you keep Christ the focus on Easter?

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  1. This is great Crystal! Such intentional ways to help kids understand the means of Easter.

  2. Oh Letty loves the resurrection eggs! Ours are an ancient diy but those are the best kinds!

  3. I love these ideas! I need to do some of these things this week!

  4. I love these ideas! Honestly, we stopped focusing on the Easter Bunny because I felt like the true meaning was getting lost. We no longer visit the Easter Bunny at all and my little ones have no idea! We do tell them the Easter Bunny brings the baskets in the morning, but after that we focus on church and family.

  5. I love all of this! Those resurrection rolls and how they are hollow when you open it, so perfect. Sunday the kids were playing and they made a cave out of pillow and blankets on the couch and Baby Fox says, hey Mama, want to come to my tomb of healing? Wow, I just sat there stunned at what he got from Sunday school that day.

  6. LOVE!!! We nees to put that scavenger hunt on our list for this week. This list is absolute perfection friend.

  7. I am not a big activities person when it comes to Easter. I am much more focused on the reason it's Easter and what we should be remembering this time of year and the sacrifices that were made for us. We do a small Easter egg hunt and Connor gets a basket but overall, we keep it focused on Christ.

  8. I agree with you on being intentional with the Easter story and the reason for celebrating. Im actually in charge of my preschools Chapel time and made each class a set of Resurrection eggs :)

  9. Those are all great ideas. I love that they're fun but remind us of the real reason for Easter. I really like the Egg your friends - He Is Risen style idea.


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