{Easter 2017}

Easter 2017 was nothing short of amazing and could easily have been one of our best Easters yet! It was the perfect day filled with celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and family time.

Our Easter started last Saturday with my side of the family. My mom was scheduled to start radiation the following Tuesday and we didn't know how she would be feeling on the actual day of Easter so we celebrated early. {Mom's radiation was pushed back and she actually started it today. Prayers please!} We went over to my parents house around 1 pm. We ate pizza and the kids played a bit before we put out the eggs to hunt. There were so many eggs for the 6 of them! We had such a good time.

Our next Easter festivity was this past Saturday night when we returned home from hanging out with friends. Nate's mom came over and left 24 glow in the dark eggs for Mason to find! He thought it was so cool.

Easter morning started by us waking up later than we had planned! To be exact, we woke up at 7:09 am and had to be at sunrise service at 8:00 am. And the location for sunrise service is a good 15 minute drive from us. We were in a mad rush to get ready and out the door, but we did it. Mason had all of about 2 minutes to look at his Easter basket before we had to leave. I felt bad, but he didn't mind at all. He was ready to get to church services! I only snapped one picture of him and his basket and it's not a great picture at all. Ugh!

Click here to see more and better pictures of Mason's Easter basket this year. And there is still 2 more days that you can link-up with us.

We made it to Sunrise service with about 8-10 minutes to spare. I don't know how, but we did. Thank you Jesus. Sunrise Service is one of our favorite services of the entire year and I would have been sad if we missed it. Our sunrise service is held at the cross on Old Kooken Hill in our town {which is a historical/tradition thing}. Our good friend and Pastor led the service and it was amazing. Nathan's parents, brother and girlfriend joined us for the service and that was so special to us. I can't think of a better way to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ than with family and church family.

After sunrise service we headed over to the church for breakfast tacos and fellowship. The tacos were delicious and the time with church friends was sweet. After breakfast we all split up into our Sunday School classes. Mason made the cutest tomb craft. I will never grow tired of all of the things he makes at church. I love it so!

After Sunday School it was time for Easter service. It was so great to see all of the pews fill up at church. We watched an amazing slide show before worship and then this adorable video after worship. The youth (Kindergarten - 6th Grade) had their egg hunt during Children's Church so I had to leave for a bit to take pictures of them doing that. I got to hear the majority of the sermon, which was great. After church we hung out a bit and took some pictures.

Then we went home for a bit. I did some laundry and cleaning while the boys lounged around. Then we went to Nate's parent's house for supper and Easter celebrating. Both of Nathan's brothers and their wife/girlfriend were there. We played with confetti eggs {which hurt by the way}, Mason harvested his magic jelly beans, we ate a delicious meal, Mason hunted eggs, the older kids had a game of toss with the hard boiled eggs, and then some sidewalk chalk fun! It was a great evening.


And then he asked me to take the next three pictures. At first I didn't realize what he was doing. When Mason asks you to take pictures you jump on it and do not ask any questions. Then I realized he was telling me he loved me!

So sweet, right? Goodness, I love this boy. I don't know what I did to deserve him, but I am so thankful. And because Mason is so loved he also gets an Easter basket from Nana and Papa. She even gives us big kids a bag of goodies!

And that's a wrap on our Easter for this year. Monday came entirely too fast and we are all wishing we were back in the weekend!

How was your Easter?

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  1. You have just the sweetest family! I'm so glad that you guys were able to get to the sunrise service on time. Praying for your mama!

  2. What a perfect day! I'm so glad you guys made it to sunrise service. That was close. :) Such a great day with your boys and family.

  3. I loved all of your photos but I kept getting distracted by your beautiful kimonos, lol. I will certainly be in prayer for your mama friend. Keep me updated please.

  4. It sounds like you guys had a great weekend!!
    Side note - did you use sharpie on regular ol plastic eggs? If so, I LOVE THAT IDEA!!!! I wish I had thought of it! And the washi tape too? Genius. I'll have to remember that for next year! We didn't even dye eggs this year because I thought Mason would make too much of a mess, so this would have been perfect.

  5. I love your Easter outfits. Prayers for your mom. I hope everything goes smoothly. Where did she find the glow in the dark eggs? I want those for next year!

  6. What a great weekend. Many prayers to your mom. Love those sharpie Easter eggs, such a good idea! Those glow in the dark eggs are too much fun!

  7. Y'all look so cute on Easter! Praying for your mom!

  8. My goodness what a day! So much fun and festive stuff just jam packed into it! My kind of day! How did your mom do?

  9. Looks like a wonderful Easter! I am impressed you were able to get up and out for sunrise service so quickly! :) Have a great week!

  10. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Easter! I love all the pictures, especially the family ones! This was the first year we didn't do glow in the dark eggs. My kids were a bit disappointed, but I completely forgot to buy the glow sticks at the store and didn't want to go back out. I will keep your mom in my thoughts and prayers! XOXO

  11. The outside service looks amazing. So cool. :)

  12. Love that idea for glow in the dark eggs! Looks like you guys definitely made the most of Easter with lots of fun celebrations. Loving all your floral kimonos. Praying for your mom.

  13. What a lovely Easter! That is definitely celebrating to the fullest. And your floral kimono is beautiful. I didnt know there were glow in the dark eggs! Love that idea!

  14. Gosh you all really did have the best easter ever! I love how much fun you managed to fit in!

  15. I love your outfits in this post! Beautiful!
    And I knew you'd have the most beautiful Easter weekend and sure enough, you did.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!