{This Past Weekend // New Glasses, Lake, Easter}

Happy Monday! This past weekend was one of those weekends you never want to end. It was filled with so much amazing; family time, church time, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and so much more. I feel so grateful and humbled to be living this life with these amazing people. Thank you, Jesus. Here is a look at this past weekend...
...this past weekend Nathan took Mason to the eye doctor. It was time for his yearly check-up and he desperately needed new glasses. We loved the ones he customized last year, but they ended up being too big for his face. Over time the plastic frames expanded and started to hang down far on the bridge of his nose. He was constantly having to pick them up and it was becoming an annoyance. I wasn't able to go to the appointment because of work so Nate sent me pictures. Below are his top 4 favorites. I will post later about the ones he actually chose.

...this past weekend we went to Applebees for supper, just the three of us. After supper we met my sister and her family at Academy. We also ran into our brother and our worship leader from church while we were there.

...this past weekend I went to a Young Living Essential Oils class at a friend from church's house. I currently use 2 oils on Mason for his ADHD, but it was great to learn the benefits of other oils. I also got a bottle of Thieves cleaner...wahoo!

...this past weekend we trucked on over to Dallas to the vinyl store to pick up some htv. I am working on a couple of shirts for a friend at work. And y'all I am so nervous. It's different when you're not making them for yourself.

...this past weekend we went to Nate's parents house to visit. Nate helped with lawn work while we were over.

...this past weekend we met some friends from church at the lake. We weren't going to be able to have a Sunday Funday due to Easter, so we just moved it to Saturday. The men {& 2 older boys} fished, 3 kids swam, and the ladies hung out and chatted. I love our lake time together! Before we left we saw the most amazing sunset.

...this past weekend we all went out for mexican food after the lake. There were 12 of us, so it took a bit of time to get in. The service was not great, but the food was amazing. Or so we thought...2 of the group ended up sick all night. They had the same plate.

...this past weekend we came home to a light-up Easter egg hunt left by Nana! Mason knew right away who left the eggs. He had so much fun collecting them in the dark!

...this past weekend we woke up a little late and had to rush our morning! Mason had all of about 2 minutes to check out his Easter basket and I grabbed this one and only picture. #momfail

...this past weekend we went to sunrise service at the cross on the hill. Nate's parents, brother and his girlfriend joined us. We were so excited to have them there! It was an amazing service and we had such a good turn-out.

...this past weekend we went to breakfast at the church, then Sunday school, then Easter Service. I got to take pictures of the K-6th grade group during the Easter egg hunt. That was fun! I was also able to grab a picture of Mason and his best friend!

...this past weekend had a bit of down time after church at home. Then we went to Nate's parent's house for supper and Easter festivities.

And that's a wrap! I will have a full re-cap of our Easter soon.

How was your weekend and Easter? I hope good!!


  1. Suuuuch a good weekend!! It went by far too quickly for my liking! And hey that sunset!

  2. Oh his sweet face in those glasses! Just love him!

  3. Those confetti eggs are so fun but i with my crazy curly hair- i was finding confetti in my hair and bathtub for weeks. They are off limits now!!
    Mason is a cutie with his glasses. So glad you didnt get sick from the mexican food.
    Glad you had a good Easter!

  4. I hope and pray C doesn't need glasses. I can't imagine trying to keep them on him.

  5. Wow what a very full and fun weekend! Happy Easter friend.

  6. Can't wait to see what glasses Mason chose! I so want to do a glow in the dark egg hunt next year. That's such a fun idea!! Love it.

  7. That sunset picture is so stunning! I love a beautiful sunset with no power lines in the way, lololol! Looks like y'all had an amazing Easter friend. Can't wait to see Mason in his new glasses!

  8. New eye glasses are always fun. Love seeing the different photos of him trying on glasses. He looks great in glasses.

  9. A light up egg hunt is seriously genius! We will have to do one of these when our kiddos get a little older. We live right on the edge of the time zone, so it doesn't get dark until SUPER late here, so they go to bed when it's still light outside right now! So crazy!

  10. I would love to hear what oils you use for Mason's ADHD.

  11. Henry has some new glasses coming, too! I totally didn't get pics of him in the different options because it was sheer chaos, but I can't wait to se which ones Mason got!

  12. What kind of oils do you use on Mason for his ADHD? My Mason doesn't have ADHD, but I've found that some of the oils that help with that, help with some of the things he struggles with with his autism. I'd love to hear more on how you use them on Mason!

  13. You always have so much fun! I love the sunset picture!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!