{First week of Mason's new preschool}

We officially have our first week at the new school under our belts!! 

How's it going?


Mason makes comments that he Loves his new school and that he LOVES his new teacher. He comes home tired but happy. He is actually kept busy all day at school and comes home exhausted. He is also sleeping really well. He was skipping naps a lot of the time at his previous school. But here he is so tired that he sleeps well.

His first day he had an accident. Like peed on himself. And of course that's the one thing I forgot to pack is an extra set of clothes. He hasn't had an accident in over a year and a half so I didn't even think about it. They put him in a pair of {girls} sweatpants and a pull up since he didn't have any other undies! Poor guy! I asked him why he had an accident and he says...

"I didn't think my new school had a bathroom"

His new class doesn't have a bathroom in the classroom so he didn't think there was one. It happened early in the morning, so he hadn't had a chance to see other parts of the school and the bathrooms. 

He knows now! And we have extra clothes and undies in his backpack.

The rest of the week went great and Mason is learning stuff. We were at supper the other night and he was coloring on his kids menu and says,

"This is a big O and this is a little o"

Something little...but made us so proud!

And another thing that amazes me is how calm the classes are. They let them talk to their friends, sit where they want during play time and they are never rowdy! It's awesome!!

We are loving it! We got our March calendar and so many things to look forward to!


Friday was Mason's first show & tell {ever}. He took his Blast Ball trophy and medal. I wasn't sure if he'd get up there and tell about it, but he did! The director was telling us all about it when we were checking him out. She said he told the whole class all about it!

When we got in the car we were asking Mason about it and he said, "Yes, when I told the class why I got it Ms Brittan gave me a big hug!!!!"

He was pretty excited about that hug!

So, so proud of our little man!!

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