{Five on Friday - my boys, new glasses, swim lessons, gettin' fit}

Linking up for Five on Friday.

{O N E}

I just love these two and how they love. They hug, they kiss, they say "I love you" out loud many times a day. I love that I have a man that's not afraid to show affection. They melt my heart every single day!

{T W O}

Hello #foureyes - got my new glasses. 

{T H R E E}

I am loving these dance fitness workout routines by Jessica. My favorite so far is Dark Horse! Hurts so good! Trying to work up to doing several of these a day!

{F O U R}

Mason starts swimming lessons tomorrow! He's so excited. Nate will do the lessons with him. This mama ain't gettin' in no swimsuit just yet. 

{F I V E}

Charla Corn started following me on Instagram! #nobigdeal Haha! I about flipped out! Love her! 

It's Friday! Whoop whoop! What are your plans?


  1. Have a great weekend friend! Those glasses are super cute on you! :)

  2. You look cute in your glasses! You have a sweet beautiful family. Mason will love his swimming lessons. Such a great thing to do when they're young.

  3. Love the glasses!

    yay for swimming lessons! We started bringing Aubrey when she was 6 months old and she's such a fish now!

  4. Look at you, hot mama! Love your new glasses! :)

  5. I have never seen those videos are they like zumba? Who is charla corn?

  6. Your glasses look great on you!!!

  7. Love the new glasses Crystal

  8. Super cute glasses! You are beautiful. I am going to have to check out those dance fitness - Too fun!


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!