{Dinosaur Valley State Park}

The weekend before last we camped at Dinosaur Valley State park in Glenrose TX with Nate's family and some family friends. Despite the crazy weather, we had fun.

Friday when we got there the weather was nice and warm.  The Grandmas took the grandchildren to the park and to see the dinos and the rest of us drank wine hung out at the campsites. The kids played their little hearts out and Mason had the dirt to prove it!

Saturday we woke up to cool and rainy. It rained off and on all day. We all slept in pretty late which was nice. Then we all got ready and headed to town. Our mission was to eat bbq, but we stopped in the downtown area first to visit the antique shops. Then we went for bbq. It started pouring while we were there. And then it let up just as we were getting ready to leave! Yay. That evening we went down to the river to see the dinosaur tracks. We didn't get to stay long because it started lightening and thundering. For supper that night the folks made delicious steaks, baked potatoes and beans. After supper we settled into the camper and watched Gravity. Talk about anxiety! Whoa! 

Sunday morning it was extremely cold! Everyone slept in again and then it was time to pack up and leave. 

After sleeping on the floor of Nate's parents camper for 2 nights we realized that we're getting too old for that! So, on the way home we stopped and looked at campers. We're now in the market for one! Just looking for what we want in our price range.

Only iPhone photos...didn't get out my big camera because of the crazy bipolar Texas weather.


  1. Such a fun and relaxing little weekend! I remember when I was younger my parents took me there and I love it! Sure your family had fun dispite the crazy Texas weather!

  2. How fun, we took Lane a few years ago and he loved it! I also have those same rain boots! :)

  3. That place is seriously awesome! I feel like a kid standing in those big ole footprints!

  4. Oh gosh, gotta love that crazy Texas weather! But it looks like you still managed to have a good time. :)

  5. We love our camper! I can't imagine being without it. Loved all the pictures :)


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