{Randoms - little life updates}

I feel like I am getting so behind on this little space here. Gonna play catch-up on what's been going on in our little world. 

This is what our weekly schedule will look like after this week. Blast Ball is starting back up...adding 2 more days of our busy-ness! We are beyond excited!!

Tuesday - Gymnastics
Wednesday - Swim Lessons // Nate's softball games
Thursday - Blast Ball practice
Saturday - Blast Ball games

And, we have a birthday party {or two} every Saturday until May!

Speaking of birthdays...Mason has picked out his theme. I will share that later. Nate's mom and I were really hoping he'd go along with us in the 'camping out' theme. But, that was a no-go. He's been wanting to have a ninja party. We did Ninja Turtles last year and I tried telling him that ninja was too close to ninja turtle. Finally, he found a new theme that I could live with. Yay! Time to start planning...just a couple months away.

Nathan and I are looking for a camper. We normally stay in Nate's parents camper when we go...but our family is getting too big for that. We need our own space! We have a big camping trip coming up Memorial day weekend. So, hoping we find something before then. We found one that we absolutely loved last night. And it cost less that what we were originally looking at. Called today and it was sold. Just our luck! ha. I am telling myself it just wasn't meant to be. It's fun looking! But we are limited with the size/weight/length/layout we want! We've been camping long enough to know what we want!

I've been loving Snapchat lately! Just another way to stay connected to all of my closest girlfriends {and Nate}. Especially this gem! And I just connected with Ashlea , too! Yay!!! Do you snapchat? If so, add me.


Friday night we may be going to a comedy club with a friend of Nate's from work {and his fiance}. I am secretly terrified. I'm scared they're going to pick me out of the crowd and make fun of me and I'm gonna cry in front of 50+ strangers! haha. Next Monday is opening day at the Ballpark in Arlington {I refuse to say Globe Life Park or whatever the heck it is now}. I cannot wait to tailgate and then watch the game. So.very.excited!
Everything else? It's going good. I'm feeling incredibly blessed in more ways than I can count. My boys are amazing and they fill my heart! Mason has been crying at the drop of a hat lately, but he's still so sweet. And I am just thankful that he's here to throw that fit! 

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Haha!! I would be terrified of the comedy club too. Stages and strangers are not my thing!!

  2. You look adorable & are one busy mama!!!! Those boys are lucky to have you!


  3. Awesome Fun! I have no idea what snapchat is but I hear a lot about it. Have fun at the comedy club, it will be nice to get out but yes I agree - my luck they would pick me too. Haha!
    Love your picture, so beautiful!! xo


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!