{It's the little things - week 9}

Linking up with Jess and Ashley for It's the Little Things.

Sunday night we were starting our 'night time get ready for Monday' routine when I scooped Mason up and gave him a big hug. He puts each of his little hands on either side of my face and says...

"Mama, you are my love"

Heart melted! Tears streaming down my face. Heart literally hurting because it's so full!

He's three and can irritate the pee out of you with his fits and tantrums...but then he says something like this and it just washes everything away! Everything.

Then an hour or so later we were all three laying in bed playing with Mason's toys and he had to go to his room to get just one more {to add to the 90 already piled on our bed}...as he is climbing back into our bed he says..

"I am so glad that I am y'alls son"

And there goes my heart again...hurting and melting at the same time! I never knew it was possible to love so much. And to feel so much. It's the greatest blessing in all of the world.

Those were my little {but not so little} things that are filling my love tank this week. 

What about you?


  1. That is the sweetest thing! What a sweet little boy!

  2. oh man, I got a few tears myself. That is just so cute, so sweet! definitely something that fills up the love tank. Can't wait for Aria to start with the words. Plus the Texas y'all =) Love it! In those two pics you can totally see a little man in the little boy, if that makes sense.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!