{Weekend wrapup - First Swim Lesson}

How is it already Monday? Goodness the weekend flew by! And the time change? It got me! I couldn't sleep for anything last night, and then I couldn't wake up this morning! I woke up about 30 minutes late. Thank God it's Spring Break and there were no school zones on the way to Mason's school! That helped shave off some time for us. 

Anyhow, we had a really great weekend. Friday night we went to dinner and then to visit the inlaws. 

Saturday morning Mason had his very first swim lesson! We have been wanting to put him in swimming lessons for the longest time, but had conflicting schedules with places around us. Our YMCA only has an outdoor pool and most of the classes are during the day. We both work, so that couldn't happen. One day on our way back from somewhere I saw "Aqua Tots" and immediately looked it up on my phone! A swim school that has evening and weekend classes. Yeah!! So we called and got Mason registered.

He did amazing, and loved it. The swim instructor told Nate that he'd probably only be in level 2 for 1 more class and then move up to level 3. Wahoo! Level two is a parent & me class. Level 3 they are all on their own. Mason did so well in his first level two class that they think he's ready for level 3. So exciting!

Anxiously waiting! He was so excited he couldn't sit still. 

 They called Masons class and he takes off into the pool (first picture). The instructor had to stop him! ha. I guess that's a good sign. No fear! 

Climbing out on his own and jumping back in!

Mason was sad when the class was over and wanted to go back in! Looking forward to our next class.

After swim lessons we went to one of our new favorite places...Fire House Subs. oh my yum! Just love that place. Their fountain machine is awesome. They have every drink you can think of and mix in flavors too! My favorite is the Diet Root Beer with vanilla. 

 After lunch we went to visit Nate's Grandma. It's always good to see her! It was only then that I noticed my boys were dressed as twins that day!!

After our visit we had to go to Men's Warehouse to get Nate fitted for a tux for his brother's wedding. That was an adventure! It's prom season and evidently wedding season too. ha. That evening Nate's mom & dad kept Mason for a couple hours and Nate and I had a date night at Olive Garden.

Sunday was dedicated to housework...both inside and out. It was a beautiful day so we spent most of the day outside. 

That about sums up our weekend! How was yours? 

We have a busy week ahead of us...

Monday - dentist for me at 4 to get my permanent crown
Tuesday - Mr Music, Gymnastics @ 7
Wednesday - Swim lessons @ 6
Thursday - pajama day for Mason
Friday - Mason dentist @ 9, preschool gymnastics party 10-12, head to Dinosaur Valley State Park for the weekend!!!!


  1. YAY Mason!!!! Way to go!


  2. Gotta love busy weeks!! They can be stressful, but honestly I love the busy. It makes me appreciate the calm so much more!

  3. That's so awesome about his swimming. I posted this morning about our experience with swimming lessons on Saturday. I would much rather have your experience than ours!

  4. Oh my gosh! That is amazing with the swimming lessons! And I am jealous of your warm weather this weekend! We had warm weather today, but it is supposed to cool back off.

  5. I'm ready for a nap just looking at your upcoming week. Life is so busy with a kid, my gosh the wasted downtime pre-baby (for me anyway!). He is so so cute in the pool, and I love the random cat picture haha.


Thanks for the comments! Hope you are having an amazing day!!