{Boy Clothes}

I always get frustrated when I browse the little boy clothing section at places. There's barely ever anything there! But you walk over to the girl section and it's packed to the gills. I usually end up ordering all of Mason's clothes online. 

Children's Place is one of my go to's. These are our most recent purchases. And that middle shirt? I may or may not have ordered it in every color!

Where do you shop for little boys?


  1. I know your frustration, but I hate to tell you it doesn't get much better as they get older! Luck for me I have so many nieces I get to shop both departments. I found Lane several of the UA polo style shirts at the UA outlet in Grand Prairie on sale and they are so cute because of the bright colors and color combinations!

  2. I agree, I wish they offered more clothing options for boys and I wish they offered cuter clothes for boys! Everyone wants a little girl to shop for but I love shopping for my boys!

  3. perhaps Im over all the girl goodness or just used to it, but I always am oogleing over the boy stuff! Im always like ahhhh if I even had a little nephew to shop for this would be great! haha

  4. Too cute! I can't wait for warmer weather and sun shine!


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