{It's the little things - Week 8}

Just a warning...this post is going to be heavy. I'm not sure where I am going to go with it. But, it's on my heart.

This morning I woke up like every other morning, texted Nate a good morning text and proceeded to get ready. I got his good morning text back...followed by another text that I wasn't prepared for. A text that broke the news that a family friend that we basically grew up with was mourning the lost of his 14 year old niece. It stopped me in my tracks. I just stood there frozen while so many different emotions flooded me. I tried to get finish getting ready, but couldn't. I just couldn't function.

It rocked my mama soul so hard.

I kept thinking about this mama losing her one and only child so unexpectedly. And the pain she must be feeling. It's heartbreaking.

I told Nate that I was not sending Mason to school. 
That I needed him here with me today.

 I changed back into my pajamas and climbed into bed with Mason. I held him, listened intently to his breath rising and then falling and cried and prayed. I prayed for the family and that their hearts were comforted some way some how only the way God can do. And I thanked him. I thanked him so hard for my sweet boy. For that moment and getting to hold and squeeze him.

Last night before bed Mason asked me to hold him. So I did and we both fell fast asleep. I slept with him all night until Nate woke me to say goodbye this morning.

 I am so glad that I did.

I am so thankful for those little things you don't always plan but they happen and you realize later that you needed it more than anything in the world. 


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  1. Ugh, that is heartbreaking. I can't even comprehend how hurt that family is. Can't.
    But, it is so sweet that you had a little bed companion last night. I use to have Aria on my chest when she was a baby and wouldn't go back to sleep at like 4am. Such a long time ago.

  2. Stories like that definitely make you appreciate the little things! We never know when it can all be taken away. Prayers for you and your friends.

  3. :( Heartbreaking for sure. The little things is what matters! xo


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