{Mason's first Pajama Day at school}

One thing we love about Mason's new school is that they have so many 'themed' days throughout the month. Today was Mason's first time to get to participate in Pajama Day.

He proudly picked out which pajamas he wanted to wear last night. He opted for his glow in the dark dino pajamas because they are" so cool". He slept in them so he'd be ready to go in the am!

He woke up so excited this morning.

The first picture was a “hurry up mom”...

...so I can dance (2nd picture). 

He’s a mess.

But he's my mess, and I love him dearly! 


  1. Too freaking cute!!! I hope Sydney's preschool does stuff like this when she starts this fall!!!

  2. I love the matching slippers! Pajama day is the best. I wish I could have that as an adult!

  3. The slippers are the best! And that last picture kills haha!


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