{Mason's First Dental apt}

Last Friday we took Mason to his first dental apt. He did amazing! We went to Just For Kids Dental in Waxahachie by recommendation from several friends with small children. They are one of the very few that allow parents to go back with the kids. Most of them do not. Um, no thanks! You're not going to work on my son's mouth without me being present! 

We got there and the waiting area was less than pleasant. There were kids climbing everywhere while their parents sat there playing on their phones or iPads. It was like a circus! 

They called Mason's name and we started walking back. He was a little nervous and even told us he didn't 'want to go'. But, everyone was so warm and friendly with Mason. We had the sweetest, cutest dental assistant. She talked with Mason, made him laugh and feel comfortable. 

He picked out his toothbrush and hopped right up onto the seat! So brave! They had a movie playing above his chair, but he was too interested in what was going on around him. {and the video games across from him that kept calling his name! ha}

The dental assistant prepped him all the while engaging in conversation with him. She told him she liked his shoes and he told her they make him run fast! She asked if he could run faster than him and he said yes. ha! 

When she was done prepping him the dentist came over and checked him out. He started by counting his teeth and then checking him out. He said Mason had pretty healthy teeth. He did have an overbite, but that could be corrected way later down the road. After his assessment Mason got to pick out a prize and a sticker before he went over for x-rays. 

After the x-rays the Dr. looked them over and said all looked good. No cavities!! 

We had a great first experience and so proud of our brave little man!


  1. That's awesome! I need to take Zane but I have just been putting it off! Shame on me!

  2. That looks like an amazing dentist. Glad it went so well!

  3. So glad it went well! I need to take Paisley but I know she will be scared to death and scream..... :(

  4. My daughters first one is next month. I'm nervous!

  5. Hey, I was just at the dentist too! Way to go Mason! My dental office is pretty awesome, so I hope Aria will have a good experience later down the road.

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