{It's the little things - week 6 - confidence}

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Nathan and I try so hard to instill confidence in Mason. No matter what he is doing, we always want him to be confident in himself. So, with that being said we recently enrolled him in Gymnastics. We've heard {and seen} how great of a foundation gymnastics builds for children; strength, balance, speed, focus, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and of course, confidence. 

We have loved gymnastics so far. It's quickly becoming my favorite night of the week. Mason loves it too and does so well listening to his teachers. 

In just three short classes Mason has already learned so much. 

This last weekend Mason showed us something little, but yet so entirely big

We took him to a playground while we were on our little getaway and what did he do? Without saying a word {just a big ole' determined smile on his face} he climbed that playground like it was his job and went straight for the biggest/tallest slide. He didn't hesitate one bit! And he slid down only to run to and do it again, and again!

He was so confident in himself and climbing that jungle gym! 

We were so incredibly proud! 

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  1. Love! I posted about gymnastics this week, too!! :)


  2. Awwww, you guys are making me want to see if there are gymnastics somewhere nearby! I still cannot believe how big Mason is getting!!


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