{A spontaneous trip to the Hill Country}

Okay, let's rewind...back to Friday morning. I sent Nate an email that went a little something like this...

What if we took a road trip this weekend? I have it all planned...just say the magic word.

He said,

Book it.

And that was that!

When I finally gave him our itinerary he was excited!  

We spent the beautiful weekend in the Hill Country...checking quite a few things off our Texas Bucketlist. Our cabin was in Kerrville {a town we loved} and Mason, of course, loved the bunk beds.

Saturday morning we got up before 8 and got ready for our day! First up...Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg. We've heard that it gets crazy busy and they only allow so many people to visit in a day so we wanted to get there as early as we could. And, I'm glad we did! It was already busy, but by the time we left there was a line of cars for days!

Enchanted Rock was beautiful and so neat to see. We climbed up about half of it and that was all that Mason and I could do. Nate will tell you we barely covered a quarter of it. ha. Killer workout, for sure. We're paying for it now! But it was worth it. Oh so worth it. Nothing like the views of the Hill Country from up top! Gorgeous!

After we crawled hiked back to our cars we were starving! It was barely 11 am, but it was time for lunch! We headed back to Fredericksburg with the intention of eating at Sweet Marleys...but it was an empty building. So instead we just walked Main street until we found something. Mason wanted to sit outside, so we found a restaurant with a view. Bejas Grill was fantastic! Mason especially loved that they had Etch a Sketch for the kids to play with!

After lunch we walked Main a bit and then decided we were ready to head on over to Luckenbach! They were celebrating Texas Independence so we weren't sure how quickly it would get crowded.  We were ecstatic to see Luckenbach where 'everybodys somebody'.  

From the parking lot you can't see the little area that is Luckenbach, so that made the anticipation that much more intense! There were motorcycles everywhere!! We round the corner and finally see the Post Office/General Store in all it's glory! Looks just like every picture we've ever seen. So excited to be seeing it with our own eyes.

We went in the store {bought Mason the cutest shirt} and Nate had a cold shiner, of course. 

 We hung around outside for a bit and walked around. Two sheriffs started talking to Mason and gave him a badge. He was in hog heaven!

We left Luckenbach and headed to Old Tunnel State Park. We saw a sign for it on the way to Luckenbach and wanted to check it out. It was about 12 miles down Old San Antonio road. So many great views! 

Some more hiking, we did! It was just a day for exercise and being outside. Oh and it reached 87 degrees that day. So beautiful!

On our way back from Old Tunnel State Park we caught a Trail ride. They were going to let us pass, but heck no...we parked the car and watched! Everyone was so sweet to wave at Mason and yell out things like "hey cowboy" as they passed. One gentleman even brought his horse over to meet Mason. Gus was so sweet!!! Mase loved it!

Once the trail ride passed we made the trek over to Llano to eat at Coopers. This has been on our list for years! And oh my yum! It was delicious. When you walk up to the pit there are numerous pits. You give them your meat order and then they carry it inside to be chopped and packaged accordingly. You can get extra sides, but the meat comes with all you can eat beans and bread. And the beans? I could have just eaten those as a meal. So delicious. Mason opted for white bread only. He's not much of a meat kid! But, he comes about that honest because neither is his Mama! I'd rather have the veggies! 

After supper we headed back to Kerrville. We found a nice state park to visit and had a blast. Mason was able to run off some energy he built up between our car rides! We finished the night off with some ice cream at Dairy Queen. Came back to the cabin, showered and I think we were all asleep before 9. It was a long, but good day!

We were going to hit up Pedernales Falls State Park on our way home, but we woke up to cold and rain! So we decided it'd be best to just head home. It's a good thing because it started icing as soon as we pulled on our street! 87 to 18 degrees - hello Texas!!

It was such a fun little getaway!!!

How was your weekend?

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