{Ice Ice Baby // 2023}

We finally got an ice day!! I mean...days...this is Texas after all! Nate is part of the de-ice crew at work which means that he goes in before it gets bad and then sleeps over at work (working around the clock) until it's all cleared up. This storm was nothing like the Great Snowpocalpse of 2021!!! Mason and I hunkered down at home for a few days while Nate was gone.  I only got the Jeep out once for pictures and then we stayed nice and toasty inside! 

Nate sent me this picture from work! While I miss him so much during these snow/ice days, I know he's enjoying it. He gets to be with his whole friend group (who are also on the crew for de-icing). When they're not working hard out in the cold, they get fed well and get to hang out and play games. And, it's really good money! 

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