We left town on the 26th for a week of camping (in a cabin) so I have lots to catch up on here. Going back to the 23rd, we went to Nate's parent's house for a night of cookie decorating and preparing the saran wrap ball. We've started to make this a tradition and I love it! Everyone was able to attend and we had the best time!

The kiddos helped as much as their attention span would allow! Then they got into other shenanigans and played on the Oculus. So, it was us adults left to decorate the cookies. Nathan and Jordan snuck off to Buffalo Wild Wings for a bit! They weren't much into decorating the cookies. 

Next, we prepared the saran wrap ball for Christmas Day. Is this something you do? We've done it for years, but I saw it grow wildly popular on social media this year!  

I cherish the quality family time we got to spend this evening! It was such a great way to kick off the Christmas weekend. 

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