Linking up with Jennifer for her "currently" series. For January, we are sharing what we are currently loving, resolving, organizing, anticipating, and eating.

Loving //

I am loving the chronological Bible plan (The Bible Recap) on the Bible App! I joined Whitney's group for this plan!  If I'm being honest, I've tried to read the entire Bible several times before but couldn't really find a method I could stick to. The Bible Recap definitely feels like one I will be able to complete and for that, I am super excited. We are only a few days in and I have already learned so much.  

Resolving //

I don't really make New Year's Resolutions. Instead, I am making some daily habits to stick to. I'm going to incorporate a couple at a time until those come naturally, then add others in. I started this last year and plan to keep doing so in the new year! 

Organizing //

All the things! I am ready to just throw everything out (to donation bins). I'm over the clutter and want a fresh, organized house. I really need to start in Mason's room first. The plan was to do that before Christmas but our schedule was too busy to do that. And now he has extra stuff because of Christmas! And you know what they say about organizing a kid's room - like brushing your teeth while eating oreos! ha. Next, I want to tackle my home office. I spend so much time in here and need to make it a more functional space than just a catch-all. 

Anticipating //

I am mostly anticipating how much I am going to learn from The Bible Recap and how much my relationship with God will deepen! Also, I anticipate all the adventures 2023 will bring! Already dreaming of all the places we could go.   

Eating // 

Trying to eat better in the new year. I am cutting out a lot of carbs/gluten, moving more, and upping my water intake. I just want to feel better. I don't really care about numbers, I'm just basing things on the way that I feel. And right now, I feel like crud. I know my thyroid has a lot to do with it, I just have to find what works for me. 

What are you loving, resolving, organizing, anticipating, and eating this January? 

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