{Bridgeport Off-Road Park with Jeep Girl Mafia}

Wheeling is so good for the soul! The Jeep club where I am a Vice President for put on a 101/102 off-road class. I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 102 part of the event! Which, was held at Bridgeport OHV! It was a day full of wheeling and hanging out with friends.  We had too much fun! 

We met at Bucees and then convoyed over to the park! Who doesn't love a good Jeep convoy?!

When we got to the OHV, the team at 4 Wheel Parts went over some basic offroad things; how to air down, how to disconnect, how to run a winch, etc. We ate some delicious BBQ sandwiches and then we divided up into groups depending on skill. Then we were off to the trails!

It was a good, solid day on the trails!! Felt so good to be back climbing rocks. 

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