I love spending the holidays with our families, but there is something so sweet and sacred about those Christmas mornings at home with just the three of us. I look forward to those quiet moments each year! It's such a joy to see Christmas morning through the eyes of your child, no matter how old they get. Mason is twelve and the magic around here is still in full force. This mama is soaking it all in! 

We woke up Mason just before 8:00 am and it was the easiest wake-up, yet! He was so excited. I turned on the fireplace channel on YouTube, grabbed a blanket, and Nate and I cozied up on the couch to watch Mason open his gifts. Since we woke up early, we were able to just take our time and let Mason open his gifts at his leisure. 

He told us many times that this was the best Christmas yet! I know he says this every year, but it sure does make all the hard work worth it! My sweet, sweet boy!

So, what were those gifts that made this the best Christmas yet?

From Santa:

Dribble Up - a smart basketball with virtual training sessions

Hockey Sticks - these are just for street hockey, but Mason loves them!

Luka Doncic Jersey - Dallas Mavs key player that keeps breaking/setting new records!

LaMelo shoes - these have been sold out in his size since they came out. They were the item taking the number 1 spot on his wish list. I'm sure glad Santa was able to find a pair!

From Mom & Dad:

Steering wheel & foot pedals for XBox



Simulator Cockpit - all of the above connects to this "chair"

And then he got things like some collector Hotwheels, RC car, BB gun, baseball & hockey cards, etc. 

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