{Firehouse Gastro Pub}

Nate saw that our high school coach's son's band was playing at a restaurant in Grand Prairie and so we made plans to go! Firehouse Gastro Pub is owned by some of our family friends and we had been wanting to check it out for the longest! This gave us the perfect excuse to do so. We invited the Garzas to come along with us!

The food was delicious, the drinks were amazing, and the whole place was such a vibe! We loved everything about it! And as a bonus, we got to see the parents of the owners! We grew up with them and it was so wonderful to get to see them. 

As we were eating, the place started to fill up. And then it was like "bam, high school reunion"!! It was so fun to see people we went to high school with! Much of Nate's baseball friends were there so I know he enjoyed that! 

It was a wonderful night with friends/family! 

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