{2017 Winter Bucket list // Update #1 // Parade, Tree farm, Polar Express, Grinch, Santa}

It's barely December and we've already completed 53% of our 2017 Winter Bucket List! We can't help it. We love the holidays something fierce around here. That gives us the whole month of December to complete the other 47% of our list. I have no doubts that we'll finish this fun winter list, plus some. Here is what we have crossed off our 2017 Winter Bucket List so far...

But bear with me...this is going to be a long post. We've covered a lot of Christmas ground lately.

{O N E} Polar Express //
We had our Polar Express weekend the weekend before Thanksgiving! We decided to do it a little early because 1.) tickets sell out fast, and 2.) we know how crazy the month of December is. Sometimes it's hard to fit in everything we want to do in December! We had so much fun. It's such a magical weekend and I love how much joy it brings Mason. I will do a full post on this soon. - ps  it's nearly impossible to get good Polar Express pictures when you take the last train ride of the evening!

{T W O} The Grinch's Lair //
We couldn't travel East without visiting our favorite Grinch! His lair is in the same town as the Polar Express train ride, so it makes it an even more fun weekend. Once again, he did not disappoint. But, I don't want to give away too much...I will have a full post on this one as well soon.

{T H R E E} Light the Jeep for the Christmas Light Parade // 
Oh my word! This was so much fun. Our Jeep club for our area sent out an invite for Jeep'ers to join...you just had to light up your Jeep. We had 10-12 join! It was just about the coolest thing ever. It was our first time to take the top and doors off the Jeep. The end of November in Texas and you can still go topless. Go figure! The parade was a blast and so different being in it vs watching it. We can't wait until next year and have big plans of adding a whole lot more lights!

{F O U R} Deck the halls //
We headed over to the Christmas tree farm on Black Friday to find our perfect tree. And that we did. I never deck my halls until we've bought our Christmas tree. I just can't. Normally we decorate on the same day, but not this year. Our neighbors were over visiting and so we hung out with them for a while and then it was just too late. Which was totally fine because it gave our tree time to sit and settle. Saturday morning Nate went to help his brother with their Christmas lights and Mason and I stayed in pajamas all day, deckin' the halls! That's our little tradition and I love it something fierce. It took us hours upon hours, but it was so worth it.

Mase took this and I love it!

{F I V E} Drive around and look at Christmas lights //
Saturday after we decked our halls Mason was invited to the movies with his Aunt and Uncle. So Nate and I decided to grab some Starbucks and drive around to look at Christmas lights. We were surprised at how many houses already had lights! Seems like a ton of people are into the spirit earlier this year. We really want to take the top off the Jeep and drive through one of those Christmas light parks!

{S I X} Visit Santa // 
Mason has gotten to visit with Santa twice this year. Once was on the Polar Express train ride, but it's impossible to get a good picture in that dark train. The second time was at the Christmas tree farm! I loved the set-up of the Santa area, but do not love the {quality of the} picture. I wish they would have let me take my own, but at least we got one.

{S E V E N} Go to the Christmas tree farm //
I mentioned above that we went to the tree farm on Black Friday. We never do any black Friday shopping. Ever. I can't deal with the crowds and the mean people. Not my thing. So we thought maybe we'd hit the tree farm as soon as they opened while the masses were still out shopping. And, it was a great plan. It wasn't crowded at all. The longest we waited was for the Santa pictures. And that's only because we had to wait on people to decide which of the 5 pictures they liked best and what package they wanted. Other than that? Smooth sailing! Anyhow, we had a really great time and made so many fun and new memories. We had the tree farm cut a sliver off the bottom of our tree so that we could turn it into an ornament. It's a tradition of ours! See H E R E. Oh, and my family met us at the tree farm. They got there a little later than we did and we had already picked out our tree. We spent a little time with them and then split up since we had already done the things they were just starting to do.

{E I G H T} Traditional Light Photo //
This was one of those things I did several years ago, and then the next and then before you knew it, it had become a tradition! I ain't stopping now. I love these photos.

And I have a {B O N U S}...I can't believe I didn't add this one to our list because it's all I thought about for the weeks after we first bough our Jeep. PUTTING THE CHRISTMAS TREE ON TOP OF THE JEEP!!!! Oh my word. Just thinking about that made me squeal more times than I would like to admit. But, I mean??

What is on your Winter bucketlist?


  1. Oh you have been so very busy with your festive! Love it! I need to step up my game!

  2. You always have so much fun! The jeep looks great! I can't wait to drive around and look at lights!

  3. I really need to up my Christmas game this year. I've been so busy with just... life, I guess, that I haven't made a point to be seasonally adventurous.
    You and the guys are doing some damage on your list. I am filled with envy over a few of these activities.

  4. You guys are overflowing with Christmas fun and Christmas cheer. I want to come hang out at your house. It seem like A LOT more fun than packing and such.

  5. So many fun adventures to tuck into your heart! You have covered a lot of ground, can't wait to see what else you are up to! xoxo ERIN

  6. You guys have already done so much. I love it. I love following along on IG and seeing all that you guys do. The Jeep parade sounds pretty cool.


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