{Merry JEEPmas // Christmas parade}

I love having a red Jeep, but man I love it even more during the month of December! It's just perfect for all things Christmas. And you know I love me some Christmas. Before we named the Jeep Rooster we legit almost named it Rudolph! No joke! Or Rudy, rather, for short. During the Christmas season, I put a red nose and antlers on the Jeep and everyone and their Grandma's dog calls it Rudolph. I don't hate it. I love all things Christmas and now all things JEEPmas!

For the 2nd year in a row, we have joined our local Jeep Club in our town's lighted Christmas parade! It's so much fun to decorate the Jeep in lights, tinsel, garland, and wreaths! The parade is a complete blast. I think we had like 22 Jeeps this time and it was incredible. We kept hearing things like "the Jeeps are the best part of the whole parade" and that feels so dang good! To put a smile on someone's face and to wow them with the thousands of lights we wrap our Jeeps up in!

I like to leave it up for a day or two afterward so that I can enjoy it a little longer. It's only a little cold driving the Jeep topless in December. haha!

Merry Jeepmas!

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