{Currently // October edition}

Happy October! One of my favorite months of the whole year!!! Joining Anne in Residence for another round of "Currently". This month we are sharing what we are currently arranginglovingembracingpurchasing, and sharing. I love this link-up and enjoy joining in each month. I hope you'll join as well. 


All the fall things! Pumpkin patches, pumpkin nights, hayrides, Halloween camping, carnivals and fairs, etc. Mercy, I love this time of year. I love looking at my calendar for October and seeing all the fun and fesitve things that we have lined up. And can we talk about how photos are just prettier in the fall? Just me? lol 


The new church we have been going to the past several weeks. It has been just what my heart and soul needed. The sermons have been speaking to me and it's been refreshing. God always knows what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. 


Time with my sweet family! I don't think we ever fully grasp how precious our time together is until we no longer have it. I pray that I never take a single second for granted. I have been so blessed with the most incredible people in my life and I'm just so, so thankful. Soaking up every sweet moment I get with each of them. And hugging them tight. (side note - we recently lost some dear family friends - a husband and wife in an accident, so it's been on my heart and all I can think about. They were getting ready for their first Grandbaby due this month and it just shatters my heart into a million pieces that they will never have that time together this side of Heaven)


Healthy food? Does that count? I feel like that's all we have been buying lately! Nate and I are still doing the keto/low carb thing which means we are cooking most meals at home. It's just easier that way! And, Halloween fall stuff too. We recently found and purchased Mason's costume, but still trying to decide what Nate and I want to do. And if anyone is wondering, the camping place that we go to has a huge costume contest. Most adults dress up! If you want to see Nate's {HILARIOUS} costume from last year, click here. It's hard to think of something as good as the one he did last year. It was a hit among everyone!! 


Lots of fall pictures over on Instagram. Are we following each other over there? I feel like the algorithm is at an all time worst lately. My posts aren't getting much traffic at all and I'm not seeing my favorites in my feed. Gotta love the algorithm. C'mon Instagram! Speaking of Instagram & Sharing, Keri and I have a giveaway going on over at On Target Time. Go check it out {here}

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