{Annual Hocus Pocus Movie Night // 2019}

One of my favorite nights of the year is our annual Hocus Pocus movie night! We finally made this happen this past Friday and it was a blast. It was kind of rainy, dreary, and cool outside, so it was the perfect night for watching a movie. We picked up Mason from school, I finished working, and then we started planning our evening.

Mason wanted nachos, so we went and got nachos! I already had desserts and snacks covered! We came home and ate and then took some pictures in our festive Halloween pajamas. Masons are new because his legs seem to grow by the minute, and mine are recycled from last year (because my legs do not grow by the minute, haha). Then it was just a waiting game for it to get dark so we could start our movie! Which we finally did around 7:30, I believe! This movie never ever gets old and we just love it so. I should also probably note that this was the first year Mason asked what a "virgin" is. Year nine seems to be full of all the hard questions that this mama isn't ready to answer just yet. (palm to face)

Have you ever seen Hocus Pocus?

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