{Texas State Fair // 2019}

As Hall family tradition holds, we went to the Texas State Fair this past Sunday! We like going on Sunday mornings because they are far less crowded than on a Saturday! And we like to get there as soon as they open so that it's not as hot. But who am I kidding? This is Texas and we were sweating just walking from the truck to the gates. Anyhow, here is our 2019 Texas State Fair trip...

Thankfully, our church offers a Saturday service since we weren't going to be able to make Sunday service. We went and heard a great worship session and message. We stayed for baptisms after. It was such a great night! We are loving our new church.

Sunday morning we left home around 9:15 in order to be there at 10 when they opened. We parked and made our way in. We always go straight for the rides because they are less crowded in the morning. Mason got to ride so many rides. I lost count, actually. It was a lot.

While Mason was catching a few more rides a couple others went to try some new foods. We met them over at the picnic area and that's when the rest of our crew got there! Then Mason rode a few more rides with his cousin!

After the rides we grabbed Mason some ice cream and then made our way over to some indoor exhibits to cool off a bit. Then it was time for pictures in front of Big Tex!

Then we went through the car buildings to check out the new Jeeps (of course)! And then started making our way back to the games. We promised Mason we'd let him play games at the end so that if he won something we didn't have to carry it all day!

I'm not sure how, but we had left over tickets so we let Mason pick out a few more rides. He rode the carousel with his Nana and then a really intense spinny ride with his Aunt Michelle! Then we called it a day.

And because I am a sucker for a good comparison photo...here is 2017, 2018 and then 2019!

Do you have an annual State Fair?

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