{Fall Festival at church}

This past Saturday was our fall festival at church! We decided to go to the 5:00 service before the festival. It was a special night because Nate's mom joined us for service and then the carnival. My parents, sister, and nephew met us at the carnival. Worship and the message were both amazing as always! We got out around 5:55 and then walked out into the parking lot where the carnival was. The carnival started at 6, but it was already so crowded. Our church puts this carnival (complete with carnival rides) on for the whole community for free. The only thing that costs is the food! There were several food trucks there and everything smelled amazing!!

We checked out a few booths first. There was a "Bricks for Kids" which is basically Legos and stem combined, so we had to check that out. They offer summer classes so we may have to look into that for next summer.

Then, we jumped in line for the biggest ride, and I offered to ride with Mason. BIG mistake. BIG. I almost puked everywhere. The older I get the worse my motion sickness gets! And this thing went up and down and in fast circles. Whew, it was tough to get through that one.

After that crazy ride, we went to check out some of the inflatables. One of them was a bull-riding thing so we hopped in line for that one. It was so hilarious to watch Mason get on the bull. He totally started out backward and had to spin around. We were cracking up!

Then we checked out another inflatable thing which was like a horse race. That was also hilarious! Next, we went over to the real ponies and Mason got to ride them!

Then he was ready for cotton candy and a Pepsi break. And apparently, the sky got the whole "cotton candy" memo! It was so beautiful!!

My family got there shortly after. We took the boys through the funhouse and then on the swings before calling it a night. The lines were so incredibly long at that point and we were starving!!

Such a fun night! All of these festivals and carnivals have my heart. I will be sad when October is over.

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