{Weekend Wrap-up // Haunted house, air show, benefit dinner, church and friends}

Whoa! What a busy and crazy week so far. Every time I have come to type up this post I get sidetracked with something else. Anyways, we had a really good weekend full of family and friends. Here's a look at our weekend wrap-up...

On Friday I had to work until 5 because my coworker was out. Even though it's technically only an hour later it sure does feel like a long day. Nate was able to pick up Mason after his fishing trip and then they went to help some friends move some furniture. They got back some time after 5:30. We all walked over to our neighbor friend's house to visit and play with baby pigs!!

Later that evening Nathan and I went to a haunted house park with the same neighbor friends and Mason went to hang out with his Papa and Nana! We saw the most incredible sunset on the way there. Nathan and I only made it through 2 haunted houses. For some reason, we both had lower back pain like crazy and standing in those lines on that rocky ground wasn't doing us any favors. We had fun hanging out with our neighbors, but the haunted houses weren't that great.

We picked up Mason and went home and called it a night. The next morning was an early one for us as we had plans with Nate's brother and his family to go to the Fort Worth Airshow. It was a complete blast and deserves its own post, but here's one picture until then. :)

After the air show, we scurried back home to get ready for a benefit dinner with some dear friends of ours. The benefit is for the youth in our county and such a neat event. For $100 a couple you get a nice rib-eye dinner and a chance to win $10,000 or other prizes. We didn't win anything, but we really had an amazing time. I only took one picture before dinner...

Mason spent the evening with Nate's parents again. They all {including our brother and sister in law} went to the movies to see the new Adams Family movie and then to IHop for the festive foods and drinks. He had a great time!

Sunday morning I woke up in a panic at 9:15 am. The normal church service we go to starts at 9:30. I had set my alarm all wrong. Oops! There was obviously no way we were making that one so we got ready for the 11:15 service. So thankful there are two services on Sunday mornings. We are still LOVING our new church something fierce. The worship was AMAZING and the message was a good one! Not an easy one to hear, but definitely something we all needed to hear. We are still in the book of James and this week we talked about what it's like to be a true Christian - a true follower of Christ.

That afternoon we took the CJ over to some friend's house to work on wiring an electric fan. Thankfully I followed Nate in my Jeep because we had some problems on the way there. The back driver's side caliper is sticking again. We replaced the caliper so we are thinking it has something to do with the hose and will have to have a custom one made. Anyhow, a 15-minute drive turned into 45+ minutes. What better to do than to take pictures? lol

We finally made it to our friend's house and they got the fan all wired up!

After spending a few hours at our friend's house we went to Nate's parent's house for supper! They cooked a Sunday dinner for us. It was delicious and nice to spend some time with them.

Mason had Monday off school so he and I got to sleep in a bit! It was lovely!

How was your weekend?

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