{Three Black Cats // DIY}

DIY'ing and crafting are my jam! A weekend is just not complete for me if it didn't involve crafting of some kind. I am obsessed and find it quite therapeutic. I can't remember where I first saw this idea, Pinterest probably, but I have been wanting to make these for the longest time. I knew that we probably had a piece of wood in the shop I could use and I had everything else in my craft closet to make these three black cats for my porch! So, a couple of weekends ago I did just that.

You probably saw a sneak peek of these in my fall porch post! They were in one of my pictures sitting there on my turquoise bench. Anyhow, I needed a Saturday project in between cleaning and watching college football and this was it! We found the piece of wood in the shop and then Nate cut them to size and cut out the triangle for the ears. Bless my amazing husband! Every project I seem to have becomes somewhat his project, too!

Once we had them cut and sanded I started painting them. I used chalkboard paint and only did a light coating. I wanted them to look rustic and for the wood to show through.

Once the paint was dry, I sanded the edges, glued on some googly eyes, tied some raffia to look like a cat collar, and that was it! Pretty easy and so, so cute. I think the whole project took maybe an hour total. And that was with all the cutting! They look so great on my black and white fall porch this year.

Have you made any projects lately?

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